Diana The University of Wisconsin River Falls was a great choice for me because of all the great things that this program has to offer! From the location, to the professors, and the coursework, UWRF is the perfect school to help me grow personally and professionally. ~Diana Dreessen, current student


KerI decided to join the program because I love working with kids and want to have an imprint on kids who are struggling through family problem, self-identity and many more other issues like me when I was a kid. So being a counselor I will be able to help students who might go through all of these dilemma and being that pillar for the student to be successful in what they will do for themselves. What keeps me in the program is the staff and the colleagues that are in the program and what the program really stand for. Everyone in the program is very understanding and caring for each other. It makes me feel like I am not alone and how much help I can get from the staff and classmates. Also, I know I want to be a counselor so being in this program is the step that will get me there. ~Ker Moua, current student


SaidI chose the School Counseling Program at UWRF because of its great reputation. Before I started at UWRF, I asked my colleagues, who are counselors, for recommendations of great counseling programs in Wisconsin. All of them suggested the University of Wisconsin River Falls.  

I could not imagine a better University than UWRF because of my own experience with the program and the positive impact it has had on my life. The academic rigor has prepared me for professional school counseling. The school environment is a safe space where I feel everybody is respected and valued. I am currently juggling a full-time job and family in addition to my graduate degree work, and the professors are supportive and always willing to help me. I am very grateful to be a student in this program. ~Said Garaad, current student


KateThe UWRF School Counseling Program was the right program for me because I felt that the professors truly cared about the success of every student in the program. What keeps me in the program are amazing professors and staff, the inclusive environment and the knowledge I have obtained after just my first semester. ~Kate Hanten, current student


KanongI wanted a program that would help me grow professionally and personally, develop new skills, and gain more knowledge about the education field and system, and UWRF gave me all of that in one program. In addition, I have supportive and committed professors that challenge me and steer me towards the right resources! ~Kanong Lee, current student


JenMy time in the UWRF School Counseling Program has been filled with everything I had hoped for: diverse people and experiences, relevant, applicable and rigorous material and assignments, leadership opportunities, a welcoming community environment and a class schedule that fits well, while balancing other aspects of life. The dedicated professors challenge and support students in ways that encourage personal and professional growth. Because of the UWRF School Counseling program, I know I will be prepared to be a successful school counselor; I look forward to following my passion and supporting ALL students in achieving their own success. ~Jen Poole-Stout, current student


Jamie The University of Wisconsin River Falls was my first choice for a school due to how many friends I know that went through the Counseling Program here. They raved about their small class sizes and hardworking professors. You could tell the school truly made an impact on them. Every single one of them is still involved with the school and the program in some way. I knew from listening to them that this was the right fit for me. I wanted to be a part of something and not have it simply be a stage in my life. It has proven to be a great decision and I am loving my time here. ~Jamie Kirchner, current student


DanyelleMy decision to pursue the school Counseling Program at UWRF was right for me for several reasons. It's close proximity to the cities, affordability, mindset around cultural competency, outstanding reputation, and night class offerings were all reasons that drew me into the program and complimented my busy schedule. I feel connected to the type of people that the program draws in and to the personal and professional growth I have already made in only one semester. The professors are extraordinary, very approachable, challenge your thinking, and are committed to supporting you to be the best school counselor you can be. ~Danyelle Fisher, current student

Program Highlights

The Counseling Program prepares graduate students to work as professional school counselors in diverse K-12 school settings. Upon graduation, students will have a Masters of Science in Education (M.S.E.), which contributes to their professional license qualifications.

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  • The 2016 CACREP Outcomes Report for our school counseling program shows that 26 students graduated from the program during the 2015-2016 academic year, and 96% passed the Praxis Exam to obtain a license. Overall, 99.5% of students complete the program within the expected time period. Our most recent data from 2014-2015 reveals that of our graduates seeking school counseling employment, 90% obtained positions as school counselors.     
  • In 2016, Dr. Mark Gillen was the recipient of the UWRF Keith Wurtz Award for Teaching Excellence. This award recognizes two faculty members from across campus for their innovation and teaching excellence. Dr. Gillen was chosen, in part, for his trailblazing characteristics in promoting student success and learning. Feel free to contact him to find out more or learn about the program! (
  • In 2014, 2015, and 2016, the Counseling Program was nominated for the UW System Board of Regents Diversity Unit Award. 
  • We have small class sizes and convenient, evening hours.
  • Our customizable graduation plans serve the diverse needs of graduate students.
  • Our students have frequent interaction with faculty members.
  • Located just outside the Twin Cities, we have classes at both the main River Falls campus and the Hudson Center.
  • The Counseling program was ranked in the top 20 percent of UWRF programs following a 2010 university prioritization review.
  • For more program news, read the 2016-2017 Accomplishments Magazine.

Department Open House for Prospective Students

  • Online:
    • Monday, June 19, 2017, 5:30-6:30, email Dr. Gillen at AND/OR
    • Wednesday, July 19, 2017, 5:30-6:30pm, email Dr. Caroline Baker at AND/OR
    • Monday, August 7, 2017, 5:30-6:30pm, email Dr. Caroline Baker at
    • If interested in "attending" one of these, simply email the designated faculty member during one of these windows of time, and you will get an  immediate response to your questions about the program. Outside of these times, please feel free to contact Dr. Gillen to set up an appointment.
  • On Campus: The next department Open House for prospective students will be during late Fall semester, 2017 in the Wyman Education Building, check back for details. The open house will include opportunities to interact with current students, faculty members and tour program facilities. Parking is available nearby in Pay Lot 2 (adjacent to Lot F) or Pay Lot 1 (adjacent to Lot Q). See the campus map for details.
  • Prospective applicants to the Counseling Program are highly encouraged to attend either or both types of open houses.



Professional school counselors are uniquely trained to serve all students in a K-12 setting, designing, implementing, and evaluating comprehensive school counseling programs. Check out more here.

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