Advising and Support

Advising Steps

Advising begins October 27, 2014

Registration begins November 7, 2014

Open registration through January 30, 2015.

You are required to speak with your advisor before registering to discuss your schedule and to receive your PIN (Personal Identification Number) permitting registration. The PIN changes each semester, so you will not be able to use an old one.
Your advisor's name is on your DAR.

You must print and bring 2 copies of your DAR (Degree Audit Report) to your advising session. 

A) SCHEDULE an advising appointment by signing up on the Advising Schedule posted on or near your advisor's office door-do not call. Don't wait until the last minute—if your advisor is unavailable then, your registration could be delayed. It is to your advantage to register at the earliest allowable date! Your specific date/time is posted on eSIS. More info

B) BRING to the advising appointment TWO items:

  1. your tentative schedule for the upcoming semester; and
  2. TWO copies of your DAR (Degree Audit Report) from eSIS.

C) REGISTER online at the date and time given to you (and also after that time).

Schedule Planning Tips

PLAN AHEAD with your Journalism PRODUCTION courses. Majors must take TWO of the following production courses:

  • 224 Editing for Online Media
  • 221 Radio News Production
  • 222 TV News Photography

And take ONE of the NEWS WRITING courses:

  • 202 Print News Writing
  • 203 Broadcast News Writing

These courses prepare you for Practicum (JOUR 304) where you will report for the student news medium of your choice: Student Voice, WRFW, or River Falls Update.

Whichever news organization you choose for your Practicum, you will need to have taken the corresponding production and writing course in advance:

  • Practicum with Student Voice:  JOUR 224 Editing for Online Media
  • Practicum with WRFW: JOUR 221 Radio News Production
  • Practicum with River Falls Update:  JOUR 222 TV News Photography

Tools for You

Journalism General Program Description

Journalism Major Degree Requirements

Course Catalog (Degree Requirements and Course Descriptions)

Supporting Courses

GenEd Courses

Liberal Arts Courses

Highlighted upcoming courses

Getting Organized

Schedule Planning Grid

Course Schedule

Dates: Advising and Registration


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