Communication Studies

Independent Study


TALK TO THE INSTRUCTOR with whom you wish to work. (Instructors who are not undercontract for Summer Session or who are on Sabbatical will not supervise independent study during those periods.)

  1. Determine number of credits. (University policy: a maximum of 3 credits of independent study per semester.) The student should spend the same amount of time performing an independent assignment as he/she would in a class situation (i.e. a time commitment equivalent to 14 contact hours of class time per credit per semester―as expected in a typical course―plus time for reading, writing and studying connected with a course.)
  2. Complete Independent Study Agreement form with the instructor (see course specifics in right column).
  3. Determine Schedule/Deadline for assignments and/or final project and include in the Independent Study Agreement. Assignments should be completed within a normal 14-week semester unless there are extenuating circumstances. An incomplete will automatically revert to a grade of “F” ten weeks after the end of a semester in which the course was undertaken, unless special arrangements are made with the instructor. The instructor reserves the right to refuse to give a grade of “Incomplete.”
  4. Have Agreement form signed by:
    a) You, b) Instructor, c) Department Chair
  5. REGISTER using permission number provided by supervising instructor.

Independent Study Agreement form
1) Save  2) Complete  3) Print