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Matt Kucharski

Matt Kucharski

Graduated Mar. 1989
Senior Vice President
Padilla Speer Beardsley Public Relations
Minneapolis, MN

What's your job like? My job is to help clients build and protect their reputations by "doing the right thing" and communicating effectively. I wear a number of hats, including:

—running the firm's technology practice, which represents high-tech companies telling complex stories to customers, investors, employees and other important audiences,

—one of the senior leaders of our business-to-business marketing practice, focusing on B2B companies who need to improve their brands,

—co-lead our crisis and critical issues practice, helping clients when things go "boom" or they get gum on their shoes,

—act as liaison to our Worldwide partner network, helping my colleagues engage with the right overseas partner to help them execute their programs, and

—act as one of the firm's primary media and presentation coaches.

Personal News: I live in Maple Grove, MN —I'm married and have a 15-year-old daughter and a new black lab. —Enjoy the outdoors, movies, reading and "making sawdust" (e.g. home improvement projects) —Sit on a number of boards and advisory groups, including Pheasants Forever, Minnesota High Tech Association and the Fish Lake Residents Association —I teach one class a semester in the J/Mass Comm department at the U of M for "beer money."

Reflections: UWRF was the perfect institution for me. I went up there to be a vet, but quickly switched to journalism and business administration. In hindsight, it was the right thing for me, and I'm still in that career. I had excellent instructors like Jacque Foust, George Crist, Colleen Callahan, Mike Norman, and adjuncts like Neal Gendler, Lorin Robinson and Richard Brynteson really helped me figure out what I wanted to be when I grew up. Writing for the Student Voice was an absolutely critical factor in me getting my first internship in employee communications at Cray Research, which then led to my second internship, and ultimately to the job I'm in today. Because the campus was relatively small and self-contained, I had the opportunity to get involved and feel like I was making an impact. I joined my dorm advisory board, ran for Student Senate (and was president), and helped start a local fraternity chapter (Tau Kappa Epsilon/Sigma Tau Gamma). In all, the campus and the River Falls community were a perfect starting point for my transition from a clueless high-schooler to a (usually) upstanding citizen and (sometimes) business professional.

Amy Alberts Sauder

Amy Alberts SauderGraduated May 1989
Part-time radio newscaster
KSTP, am 1500 Hubbard Broadcasting
St. Paul , MN

What's your job like? I produce and deliver radio newscasts for a conservative newstalk format in the Twin Cities. It's a great company to work for with fabulous people who are compassionate and understanding. I make my own decisions on what is newsworthy and have the freedom to create each cast from scratch. I receive encouragement and tips for improvement, even after all these years!

Reflections: River Falls gave me a safe environment, to wander around, figuring out what I wanted to do with my life. The academic atmosphere enriched us all intellectually, the beauty of River Falls added emotional stability. The instructors are genuine and remain dear friends to this day. In the Journalism department, we were encouraged to try everything, even when we fell flat on our faces. What a joy to see how so many classmates have gone on to huge success, both personally and professionally.

Personal News: My husband is fortunate to be a cable plant engineer at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester. We live at my family's dairy farm, where I am blessed to be able to help out by raising calves, and putting in my two cents from time to time. I teach private violin lessons from our home, and do many commercial and narrative voiceovers from our home studio. We homeschool our four daughters, 8,6,3, and 1. I have been blessed to engage in many new passions and interests. Nutrition, for one, and most recently Speech Pathology as I am helping my mother recover from a stroke.

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