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We prepare students to excel in the professional field of journalism in converged media environments. Grounded in a liberal arts curriculum, our program instills integrity and teaches practical skills, theoretical perspectives, and critical thinking within the context of ethical reasoning, global perspectives, cultural diversity and a commitment to freedom of expression. Through scholarly and creative activities, we engage students and the community in a continuing dialogue of critical issues in a democratic society.

Learner outcomes for the Department are:

1. Students will be able to critique the quality and ethics of journalism in any medium, in terms of basic professional standards.

2. Students will be able to produce high quality print, broadcast or online journalism.

3. Students will be able to critically analyze the basic aspects of the relationship between mass media and society, within historical or contemporary contexts.

4. Students will be able to use technology to produce high quality journalism.

5. Students will be able to identify the role that diversity plays in every aspect of journalism.



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