Scores, Retakes, and Data

What is the passing score for the edTPA?

Scores range from 15 to 75 (15 rubrics with ratings 1-5). The 2013 field test report recommends that states set a passing score in the range 39-42.  Wisconsin will set a passing score in June 2016 based on data from 2015-16, when all candidates will complete the edTPA for program review.  All candidates who complete an educator preparation program after August 31, 2016, will have to achieve the state passing score on the edTPA to be eligible for initial licensure.  Until that time, educator preparation programs will need to determine whether each candidate's performance on the edTPA provides sufficient evidence of meeting program standards for certification for licensure.

What if a candidate doesn't pass the edTPA?

Candidates who do not meet their institution's or the state's passing requirements may register to re-take a single task ($100 fee) or the full edTPA ($300 fee).  Retake instructions for candidates and guidelines for retake decision-making for programs are available on the Pearson edTPA site (  Candidates should take particular care to address every point in the commentary prompts and to provide evidence directly related to the criteria in the rubrics.

How should educator preparation programs use the edTPA for program improvement?

Pearson will provide each program with a summary report of candidate scores.  Programs should analyze this data for patterns and follow up with their own local evaluation (by education faculty and preferred cooperating teachers, where possible) of selected edTPA tasks or components to gain deeper insight into student preparation and performance.  Program faculty should discuss these findings and use them as a basis for program improvements, documenting this work for DPI review as part of the continuous review process.  In particular, programs will want to engage in continuous curriculum mapping to ensure that candidates are well prepared for the edTPA and that the edTPA results are used to strengthen the educator preparation program.

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