Halley Strain-Featured Intern

Halley Strain CBE Featured Intern

Halley Strain

Major:: Accounting 
Hometown: Cannon Falls, MN
Internship: Real Estate Accounting Services Intern
Employer: CBRE, Bloomington, MN
Future: Full-Time Offer with CBRE upon completion of graduation

CBRE is a corporation with over 80,000 employees worldwide with clients in 100+ countries. The Bloomington location has about 600 employees. With the large number of employees, CBRE is the world’s largest commercial real estate services and investing firm. CBRE has also been a Fortune 500 company since 2008 and is currently ranked #207 on the list. CBRE is an ever-growing company that is constantly looking to expand and broaden the services.

As a Real Estate Accounting Intern, I was able to take on my own portfolio of properties. Within these properties I was responsible for preparing and submitting financial reporting packages for each property at month end. In order to prepare these reports there are several things that need to be done. Some of these things would include month-end related journal entries, reporting schedules, bank reconciliations, and accrual schedules. I was also able to submit and approve different documents or requests, going to or coming from our share services department. These requests can include anything from lease administration, manual bill, AP, or AR requests. 

I have learned that any opportunity you are offered take it, it allows you to expand and grow as a person. The more challenges you take on the faster you will gain professional and personal growth. Experience, education, and effort can take anyone a long way in the professional world. 

One piece of advice I would offer fellow students is always be looking for opportunities. Any experience you can gain in your field of study is valuable, whether that is an internship, job shadow, or an exploration day.