Featured Interns

Utilizing the knowledge they obtained in the classroom, these featured interns gained "real-world" professional skills and expanded their professional network.

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Featured Intern Carolyn Guse

Carolyn Guse

Major: Data Science and Predictive Analytics with a Chemistry minor
Hometown: Plymouth, MN
2nd Internship:  Software Engineer, Summer 2019 (1st was 2018 Technology Development Program Intern)
Employer: Optum, Eden Prairie MN
Future: Accepted a full time position with Optum upon graduation (Updated 10-28-2019)

“Always accept change and be willing to try new things. Fail fast and learn from those mistakes."

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Chad Lenser- Featured Intern

Chad Lenser

Major:  Computer Science & Information Systems, and Economics
Hometown: Spooner, WI   
1st Internship:  Database Administrator Intern, Summer 2019
Employer: Menards Corporate Office, Eau Claire, WI
Future: The DBA team and HR have both expressed interest in having me return to Menards sometime in the near future. The current plan is to have me either resume my internship during the Spring 2020 semester, or get hired full-time as a Junior DBA following graduation.

“The relationships you build are just as valuable as the experience you acquire.”

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Christopher Johnson-CBE Featured Intern

Christopher Johnson 

Major: Business Administration - Finance
Hometown: Minneapolis, MN
1st Internship:  Inside Sales Intern, Summer 2019
Employer: Thomson Reuters - Eagan, MN
Future: Possibly seeking an internship post-graduation in my major or another business sector. 

"My advice to students is to do multiple internships. This gives you the opportunity to figure out what you want to do before you actually get to a full-time position."

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Eric Byerly-College of Business and Economics Featured Intern

Eric Byerly 

Major: Data Science with an option in Economics
Hometown: Bayport, MN
1st Internship:  Technology and Operations Services Intern; Summer 2019 
Employer: U.S. Bank; Richfield, MN
Future: I have received a part-time offer to work with my team through the school year. I hope to come back to U.S. Bank next summer as an intern in the area of Operational Risk Management with Data Science if I receive an offer.

"My advice to fellow students is to be open to new opportunities because you never know where it may lead! I believe I grew the most this summer as I was so willing to try new things and learn as much as I could."

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Brady Lange-Featured Intern College of Business and Economics 2019

Brady Lange

Majors: Computer Science, Data Science and Predictive Analytics
Minor: Mathematics
Hometown: Lewiston, MN
2nd Internship: Artificial Intelligence Technology Intern, Summer 2019
1st InternshipSoftware Technician, RiverSide Electronics, Lewiston, MN
Employer: Travelers Insurance, Saint Paul, MN
Future: Global Traffic Technologies Software Engineering Intern for the Fall of 2019, AI role

"My advice to others is to put the hours in the library, it will pay off one day. Ask questions and never stop learning! Fail fast, and don’t have a static mindset."

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Grant Schmitt-Featured Intern College of Business and Economics 2019

Grant Schmitt


Major: Business Administration Marketing/Professional Sales
Hometown: Elk River, MN
2nd Internship:  Sales Intern, Summer 2019
1st InternshipSales Intern, Medica, Minnetonka, MN
Employer: Hyland, Cleveland, OH
Future: I will be graduating December 2019 and with two internships under my belt I am confident that I will have the Healthcare/Software Sales job that my experience has set me up for following graduation.

"My advice to students is to not hesitate for a second when applying for internships. The value you get from interning for a company sets you up to be successful after college in so many ways."

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Evan Hauser-Featured Intern College of Business and Economics

Evan Hauser

Major: Business Administration: Finance
Hometown: Maplewood, MN
1st Internship: Finance Intern, Summer 2019
Employer: EyeEm Mobile GmbH: Berlin, Germany
Future: Working Student/Job Offer

"This opportunity in Berlin solidified the journey I would like to embark on post-graduation, and I am looking forward to the experiences and lessens to come."

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Luke Schiefelbein- Featured Intern College of Business and Economics

Luke Schiefelbein

Major: Data Science and Predictive Analytics and Computer Science and Information Systems
Hometown: Hastings, MN
1st Internship:  Data Science Intern, Summer 2018 through Summer 2019
Employer: Global Traffic Technologies, LLC., St. Paul, MN
Future: Full Time Offer as a Data Engineer at Global Traffic Technologies

"The best advice that I can give is advice that I have also received, always be curious and never stop learning.  That alone will take you far."

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Matt Keller-Featured Intern College of Business and Economics

Matt Keller

Major: Computer Science
Hometown: Ramsey, Minnesota
1st Internship:  Software Engineer Intern, Summer 2019
Employer: Target, Minneapolis
Future: Accepted Full-Time offer with Target

"My advice for fellow students is to step outside their comfort zones, along with networking as much as possible."

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Matt Erickson- Featured Intern College of Business and Economics

Matt Erickson

Major: Computer Science
Hometown: Stillwater, MN
1st Internship: Java Developer Intern
Employer: Fidelity Information Services, Woodbury MN
Future: Full time offer starting in June 2020

"My advice to fellow students is to apply to many internships and not to be discouraged by rejections, just keep trying and you will succeed."

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Mirza Naveed- Featured Intern College of Business and Economics

Mirza Naveed

Major: Information Systems with a minor in Graphic Design
Hometown: Cottage Grove, MN 
1st Internship: Desktop Engineering Intern, Summer 2019
Employer: 3M Company, Maplewood, MN
Future: Full-time job with 3M’s IT Optimization team *Hired Before Graduation*

"This experience gave me the confidence to determine that I do have a place in IT and I am excited to come back to 3M after I graduate in May to see where my curiosity will take me next!"

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Nicholas Lecy- Featured Intern College of Business and Economics

Nicholas Lecy 

Major: Computer Science 
Hometown: Lakeland, MN  
1st Internship:  HR IT Developer
Employer: 3M Company, Maplewood, MN
How did you acquire your internship?  Networking with current employees
Future: I received an offer for another internship at 3M for the summer of 2020.

"My advice to students is apply at as many places as you can and do it as soon as the position opens. The sooner you apply the better chance you have of getting the job."

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SaBreina White-Featured Intern College of Business and Economics

SaBreina White 

Major: Business Administration - Management
1st Internship:  Finance Intern 
Employer: MN Department of Revenue, St. Paul, MN
Future:  Offered a full-time position

"My advice to fellow students is to go into everything with an open mind and never be afraid to ask questions or challenge yourself."

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Samuel Welch-Featured Intern College of Business and Economics

Samuel Welch 

Major: Business Administration, Emphasis: Management 
Hometown: Hudson, Wisconsin  
1st Internship:  Supply Chain Intern, Transportation Department, Summer 2019
Employer: Jennie-O Turkey Store, Corporate Office, Willmar, MN
Future: Staying in touch with Jennie-O as well as exploring other options

"My advice for UWRF students would be to understand the importance of getting experience in your field before you graduate. Don’t get discouraged during the application process even though it can be hard just keep working and perfecting your resume."

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Savanna Quinn- Featured Inter College of Business and Economics

Savanna Quinn

Major: Business Administration Management 
Hometown: Hudson, WI
1st Internship:  Human Resources Intern, 2019 Summer 
Employer: Food Service Specialties- Red Wing, MN
Future: Another HR Internship at a bigger company to get more experience 

"My advice to fellow students is - take an internship! It was a great experience! I gained so much knowledge about this industry and had so much fun!"

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Tony Powell-Featured Intern College of Business and Economics

Tony Powell 

Major:  Business Administration - Management 
Hometown:  Afton, MN  
1st Internship:  Returns and Expense Reduction, Summer 2019
Employer:  Best Buy Corporate Headquarters, Richfield, MN
Future: Senior Analyst in Margins and Erosion at Best Buy Corporate

"My advice to fellow students would be to follow your passions during an internship. Use your passions to find new opportunities and connect with new people. I went outside my comfort zone and took initiative and networked with others in areas that interested me."

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