Establishing an Internship

Establishing a New Internship

  • Design an internship that fits your organization’s needs.  Outline what you are hoping to achieve from having an intern.  Ensure that there is commitment by your organization’s management to hire, train, supervise and mentor interns.

  • Draft a job description that clearly explains the duties and scope of learning for the intern.

  • Determine the timeframe and amount of hours worked.  Summers generally work best for most interns.

  • Determine what you will pay the intern.

  • Identify workspace for the intern, as well as any additional resources an intern needs to do his or her job.

  • Determine the academic background and experience you desire.

  • Determine who will have supervisory, training and mentoring responsibility for the intern.

  • Determine how the intern’s performance will be evaluated and how feedback will be provided.

  • Outline the recruitment and application process.

  • Complete the Employer's Internship Position Description form.

First National Bank Internship