Employer Internship Benefits

Benefits to the Employer

  • Internships provide a source of skilled, motivated pre-professionals.
  • Interns offer fresh perspectives to old problems.
  • Employers receive increased visibility for their organizations at UWRF.
  • Internships allow professional staff increased freedom to pursue more creative projects.
  • Internships provide a flexible, cost-effective workforce not requiring a long-term employer commitment.
  • Internships offer a cost-effective way to recruit, evaluate, train and retain potential employees.
  • Organizations can improve their access to diverse populations.

What Student Interns are saying...

"My internship has been one of the best experiences I have had all throughout my undergraduate experience."

"The internship was a great experience and a welcomed opportunity to demonstrate skills I acquired in the classroom and apply them in a production environment."

"At the conclusion of the internship, my goal of becoming employed was met as well as my hopes of becoming a faster, more efficient, and more productive programmer."

"Being able to see how managerial finance works in the real world was an amazing and beneficial experience for me. This gave me a chance to put what I learned in the classroom to work on things besides homework and exams."

"Throughout my internship I learned that, while school is integral to my learning the concepts of Marketing, it cannot provide me with all I need to know about the marketing field."

"My internship has definitely given me a better understanding of my skill set and where my career may take me."

"The people I worked with were from all different regions and brought diversity to my attention. For example, I communicated with people from India and quickly learned that this was a lot different than communicating with people from Atlanta or Miami."

"I was unsure about my major prior to this experience, but now I am more aware of the potential opportunities that may be out there."

"Overall, the internship I believe was an absolute success. I learned a great deal more about insurance products as well as how to build a holistic plan with a client."

US Bankcorp Internship