Multiple Internships Positively Impact Students

Students who complete one or more internships have a distinct advantage over their peers in terms of job offers and starting salary. The College of Business and Economics strongly encourages its students, who have completed the necessary prerequisites, to consider an internship.

"Study after study shows 60-80% of all jobs are found not through a job board or a newspaper classified ad, but rather by a formal or informal network of contacts where the job isn't even posted yet." (LinkedIn Basics, page 16)

According to an article published by the National Association of Colleges and Employers on October 7, 2015, "Sixty-five percent of bachelor's degree graduates from the Class of 2015 participated in an internship and/or co-op, the highest percentage recorded for any graduating class since NACE's Student Survey report was first published in 2007. 

College students continue to realize how much employers value work experience in the candidates they recruit. In fact, nearly all of the employers taking part in NACE's Job Outlook 2015 survey said they prefer to hire job candidates who have work experience. Furthermore, relevant work experience is preferred by almost 75 percent of employers, and 60 percent of employers say they prefer work experience gained through an internship or co-op experience. 

In NACE's Class of 2015 Student Survey, 62.8 percent of respondents took part in an internship."

Jacqueline Hughes, Internship Coordinator

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