What Students Are Saying

"It looks like all of my grades for summer have posted, and I have turned in my books.  All I am doing now is waiting for my diploma.  I just wanted to thank you for all of your guidance and support that you have provided me over the last two years.  Without your knowledge of the classes that satisfies multiple requirements I am sure I would still be taking classes.  Thanks again!"

- Jeramy Grezek, ADC Program Graduate

"The FINC210 [Personal Finance] prof, Charles Corcoran was very engaged in the learning experience.  I would highly recommend him to anyone considering taking his classes.

- Alan Bartz, ADC Program Graduate

"Hi Mike, thanks a lot, it's nice to hear from you.  I really couldn't have done this without your assistance.  I can only tell you that I appreciate your efforts immensely, and I will make an effort to stop and visit you in the near future.  Thanks again."

- Jim Krcma, ADC Program Graduate

"I'm just finishing up Management 330 [Managing Workplace Diversity] and wanted to let you know that Dr. Sheryl Moinat is really an awesome instructor. She varied the pace, had interesting comments, facilitated discussions and was sensitive to the needs of the group.  I've never had a four hour evening class go by so quickly! I also had a great team to work with in this class. We were almost all ADC students and agree that the help you give us is amazing. Thanks for looking out for us."  

- Teresa Kosmas, ADC Student

"Our professor (Anna Antus) was absolutely awesome.  She was the best professor I've had in my entire college career.  She totally gets adult education and adult learning styles.  It was a great class [Macroeconomics 202] and I highly recommend her."

- Kathleen Earley, ADC student

"Biology 100 with Andrew Koob was a wonderful experience!  I would like to point out that science and math have never been a strength for me. I've worried about taking a biology class and have postponed as long as I could because I worried about my understanding of possible complicated material. Dr. Koob put all those fears to rest quickly. His method of lecture and lab made it easy for me to understand each process as it was presented, even in a condensed summer course. I encourage other adult students to take his Bio 100 class. They will be pleasantly surprised how much information can be introduced and understood so quickly because this professor has a talent of bringing it all together."

- Wendy Bartz, ADC Program Graduate

“I absolutely love my courses and instructors - the Business Communications is moving at a rapid pace, but the instructor is fantastic and the co-students in my class are all in the same boat - educations interrupted, full time jobs, families, etc.  It is working very well for me.  

The Tech Ethics course is wonderful - I enjoy the class immensely - this being my first on-line course, I think it is going quite well.  I enjoy the forum and the postings with the other students - their thoughts and perspectives are really interesting, as it is a mixture of the "young and more seasoned" student.  Sure makes you think 'outside of the box'".

- Lisa Paquet, ADC Student

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