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Annual Budget Process -- 2nd Round September 2017

As the University strives to achieve its Strategic Plan, the annual budget process is an integral part of identifying the best use of limited resources.  In September 2017, the Budget Review and Recommendation Committee will consider a second round of funding requests.  The process will be identical to the annual budget process held each February.  Colleges, academic affairs units, and student and institutional support units are invited to identify funding needs to meet our strategic goals.  In addition, all stakeholders are invited to submit funding requests for university-wide strategic initiatives.  Requests will be due to the respective Cabinet member by August 25, 2017. 

These requests will be reviewed by the Provost and Chancellor's Cabinet with their recommendations being submitted to the Budget Review and Recommendation Committee for review. The Committee recommendations are submitted to the Chancellor for final budgetary approval. The Chancellor communicates the final budget to the campus.  The flowchart below provides more detail:

Annual Budget Process Flowchart

Budget Process Timeline for 2017-18 Budget -- 2nd Round

Annual Budget Request for Funding Form  - 2nd Round of 2017-18

Annual Budget Request for Funding Form Instructions

Summary of Outcomes of University Budget Process for Fiscal Year 2018 - 2nd Round


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