Biology major options:

General Biology option: Includes courses representing all areas of biology.  Required for Biology/Secondary Education majors and suitable for any students desiring a broad background in biology.

4-year plan* - General Biology major/Chemistry minor 
Check sheet for General Biology majordocument

Biomedical Sciences option: Emphasizes courses related to human/animal health and relevant laboratory skills.  Appropriate for students going to medical, veterinary, or other professional schools in health-related sciences, as well as those interested in biomedical research.

4-year plan* - Biomedical Sciences major/Chemistry minor 
Check sheet for Biomedical Sciences majordocument

Field Biology option: Includes courses that focus on developing a biological understanding of the environment.  For students interested in ecology research or working for government agencies such as the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

4-year plan* - Field Biology major/Conservation minor 
Check sheet for Field Biology majordocument

Biotechnology major

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Pre-professional curriculum pages:

Pre-Health Curriculumsdocument

Pre-Veterinary Curriculum

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The current online undergraduate catalog is continually updated with approved program requirements. Each fall a snapshot of the catalog is taken and provided as an archived copy for use by entering students. Students should refer to the catalog under which they entered and consult with their advisors and DARS to determine individual program requirements.

Current Biology Undergraduate Catalog

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