Distinguished Alumni

1975 - Ann C. Rose

Anne Christensen Rose-1975On the occasion of the Centennial, Anne Christianson Rose paid tribute to her alma mater in poetry:

   Within the future there will be a place
   For bright continuance of great array,
   Of pageantries in generating grace,
   Meeting the challenges of new ways.
   A host of students coming down the walk
   Will follow dreams of many golden spheres
   Of light and quest beyond the dust of chalk,
   To far horizons of the new frontiers.

After teaching eight years in Wisconsin schools, this distinguished alumna turned to poetry and in her career published 560 poems in journals, anthologies, and newspaper columns. She received more than 150 citations for her work. She is represented in New Poetry out of Wisconsin (1969) and Wisconsin History in Poetry (1969).

Rose was a member of the National League of American Penwomen, the Wisconsin Regional Writers Association, the American Poetry League, the National Federation of State Poetry Societies, and the Midwest Federation of Chapparal Poets. She was listed in the International Who’s Who in Poetry.

In the poem she read at the time of the conferring of the Distinguished Alumna Award she said of her alma mater:

   For it is here that knowledge will be measured
   Perceptively and ideals will be treasured.

Anne Christianson Rose was the first poet to have been granted the Distinguished Alumna Award.