Distinguished Alumni

2004 - Sigurd Hanson

Sigurd C Hanson-2004Sigurd Hanson, with more than 25 years with humanitarian relief agencies, currently serves as the Country Director for World Vision-Pakistan. Stationed in Islamabad, the Onalaska, Wis., native oversees a consortium that is carrying out a $15 million USAID democracy program. He oversees policy implementation, budget and fiscal control, security and personnel management, and represents the agency to government agencies, partners and the media.

Pakistan and Afghanistan have been home to Hanson for the past five years, which included serving with the International Medical Corps and as the Country Director for the International Rescue Committee.

His goal throughout his career has been to help individuals and families to be healthy, self-reliant and safe.

Those best acquainted with Mr. Hanson cited his compassion for those whose lives he seeks to improve.