Catalogs and Finding Aids

How to Search Catalogs and Finding Aids

UWRF Catalog (Search@UW)

The UWRF Catalog includes records for the books and archival materials in the UWRF University Archives, the Area Research Center (ARC), all other Area Research Centers, and the Wisconsin History Society's archives collections.

After navigating to the catalog, to conduct a search of the materials just in the Area Research Center, type your search query in the box and then click the down arrow next to "Everything" and select "Archives and Special Collections"  This will limit your search to just materials in the River Falls Area Research Center, plus any archival materials owned by the Wisconsin Historical Society (WHS), located either in Madison or one of the other ARCs.

Once you see results of your search you can do further limits, for example, above the results or at the top of the left-hand column you can "Show only ... Available at River Falls."  You can also Refine your Results by Resource Type (archival materials are "Archive" and "Other"), Topic, Creation Date, or Author.  Right now our archives records say "Multiple versions found" and the first version listed is the one you want to use (includes our call number, such as Pierce Series 4).

UWRF Finding Aids

There are two types of UWRF Finding Aids:

The collection inventories can be searched individually using the link above, or searched all at once using the search bar below.


Archives Catalog (WHS in Forward; formerly ArCat)

The Wisconsin Historical Society (WHS)'s archives catalog is now part of the University of Wisconsin Madison's online catalog (Forward). It searches the same archival records as the UWRF Library Catalog, but displays a fuller version of the catalog record. You can also search for archives call numbers using this catalog. This catalog can be limited using the same facets as the UWRF Catalog; the only difference is that archival materials are called "Mixed Materials" in this catalog rather than "Other." Also, you can limit by the library the material is in, which for archival material would be "Wisconsin Historical Society Archives."

WHS Archives Finding Aids

The Wisconsin Historical Society's finding aids, usually called Registers in their catalog records, are all available on the University of Wisconsin Digital Collections, Archival Resources in Wisconsin: Descriptive Finding Aids

Old-fashioned card catalog
Old-fashioned card catalog
Modern online catalog
Modern online catalog
ARC's catalogs
ARC's catalog and indexes
Archival Finding Aids in Wisconsin: Descriptive Finding Aids
Archival Resources in Wisconsin: Descriptive Finding Aids website

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