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UWRF Series 90: Faculty Publications and Manuscripts

UWRF Series 90 Collection Inventory

Faculty Publications and Manuscripts
Arrangement: Alphabetically by Author
Quantity: 5 boxes

Summary: This series contains items written by the faculty and staff of the University of Wisconsin-River Falls. Items include books, scholarly journal and magazine articles, teaching materials, and bibliographies of items published by faculty members. These bibliographies are listed in the inventory as Publications (General Listing). The majority of the 1993 Addition materials appeared in a display about faculty publications in the library in the fall of 1993.

Box/Folder Contents
1/1 Cooklock, Richard, Manuscript: A History of the Library at the University of Wisconsin-River Falls.
1/2 Engler, Walter, Manuscript: 100 Years of English at River Falls.
1/3 Klink, Rowland, Student Teaching Slide Show, 1970
2/2-8, 3/1-7 King, James & Wyman, Walker, Manuscript: Centennial History: The University of WI-River Falls– misc. materials, Chapters 1-5, and galley proofs
2/1 Index to Centennial History: The University of WI – River Falls
3/8 Wyman, Walker, Manuscript: Frosting on the Cake.
4/2 Darr, Richard, The Quintuple Alliance.
4/4 Feldhammer, Louis, Some Remarks on the Culture of Anthropologists.
4/5 Hale, Ruth, Ethnic Interaction in Rural Trempealeau County, Wisconsin.
4/6 Johnson, A. N., History of the School of Agriculture: Wisconsin State College-River Falls.
4/7 King, James, A Brief History of the University of Wisconsin-River Falls.
4/8 Lankford, John, The Art of Thinking Nationally.
4/9 Lankford, John, Culture and Business.
4/10 Lankford, John, Grassroots History and the Behavioral Sciences.
4/11 Lankford, John, The Impact of the Religious Depression Uopn Protestent Benevolence, 1925-1933
4/12 Ritter, Erwin, Johann Baptist Von Alxinger and the Austrian Enlightenment.
4/13 Shepherd, John, Student Development in Ongoing Research on the Band Structure of Semi-conductors.
4/14 Torres, James F., Success in smallness: A Plan for Developing Areas.
4/15 Hanna, O. M., 1600 Drill Exercises in Corrective English.
4/16 Five Short Magazine Articles
5/1 Wyman, Walker, Witching for Water, Oil, Pipes, and Precious Minerals.

UWRF Series 90: 1982 Additions
Faculty Publications and Manuscripts
Arrangement: Alphabetically by Author
Quantity: 1 box

Box/Folder Contents, Years
1/1 Ericson, Timothy L. Polk County’s First Written History, 1980
1/2 Ericson, Timothy L. Sharing the Wealth ,1981
1/3 Blank
1/4 King, James T. “Role of the Area Research Center on the College Campus” The Midwest Quarterly, 1965
1/5 King, James T. General Crook at Camp Cloud Park: “I am at a loss what do I do,” 1972
1/6 King, James T. Arizona and the West , 1967
1/7 King, James T., ed. “I Take This Opportunity to inform you…”: The Gold Rush Letters of Andrew Cairns, 1967
1/8 King, James T. The Military Frontier-What is it.“The Westerners Brand Book,” 1965
1/9 Scott, Lawrence W.; Hill, John W.; Zabrowski, Leon M.; and Muto, Peter. Chemical Investigation For Changing Times, 1980
1/10 Smith, Clyde Curry. Jehu and the Black Obelisk of Shalamaneser III, 1977
1/11 Smith, Clyde Curry. The Birth of Bureaucracy, 1977

UWRF Series 90: 1989 Additions
Faculty Publications and Manuscripts
Arrangement: Alphabetically by Author
Quantity: 1 box

Box/Folder Contents, Years
1/1 Carstens, Jerald. Perceptions of CEO’s Personnel Managers, ca. 1979
1/2 Clark, Lewis H. A Handbook of Methods and Processes in Arithmetic. (1st and 2nd editions), 1902; 1912
1/3 Clark, Lewis H. Illustrative Exercises for Teaching Fractions, 1904
1/4 Cordua, William S. Rock Elm Structure, Pierce Co. WI; A Possible Cryptoexplosion Structure,1985
1/5 Fleming, E.J. and Bridges, M.L. Anniversary Pageant, 1921
1/6 Garlid, George. Excerpts from the Introduction to an HEW “Strengthening Developing Institutions” Proposalca, 1979
1/7 Shatava, James. The Rural Real Estate Market in WI, 1973-75
1/8 Welles, W.S. Class Projects for Agriculture Students, 1916

UWRF Series 90: 1993 Additions
Faculty Publications and Manuscripts
Arrangement: Alphabetically by Author
Quantity: 2 boxes

The majority of items in this set of additions appeared in a display about faculty publications in the library in the fall of 1993.

Box/Folder Contents Year
1/1 Bergland, Betty-Publications (General Listing), 1993
1/2 Bostrack, Jack-“Effects of Chronic Gamma Irradiation on the Anatomy of Vegetative Tissue of Pinus Rigida Mill”, 1969
1/3 Bostrack, Jack-“Effect of Gibberellic Acid on the Growth and Anatomy of Coleus Blumei, Antirrhinum Mafus and Salvia Splendens,” 1967
1/4 Bostrack, Jack-“Effects of Gibberellic Acid on Soybeans Grown at Different Levels of Nitrogen, Potassium, or Phosphorus,” 1964
1/5 Bostrack, Jack-“Growth Response of Salvia Splendens Ker. To Foliar Applications of Giberellic Acid,” 1966
1/6 Bostrack, Jack-“On the Determination of Leaf Form in An Aquatic Heterophyllous Species of Ranunculus,” 1968
1/7 Bostrack, Jack-Publications (General Listing), 1993
1/8 Bostrack, Jack-“The Radiosensitivity of Gymnosperms II.On the Nature of Radiation Injury and Cause of Death of Pinus Rigida and P. Strobus after Chronic Gamma Irradiation,” 1970
1/9 Chavey, Keith-“Conditional Sign-Solvability,” 1993
1/10 Chavey, Keith-“Elementary Divisors and Ranked Posets with Application to Matrix Compounds,” 1991
1/11 Chavey, Keith-“Linear Spaces of Toeplitz and Nilpotent Matrices, ”1993
1/12 Chavey, Keith-“Sign-Nonsingular Matrix Pairs,” 1992
1/13 Cordua, William-“Field Projects with Rivers for Introductory Physical-Geology Laboratories, ”1983
1/14 Cordua, William-“Gem and Mineral Shows as Geologic Teaching Opportunities, ” 1988
1/15 Cordua, William-“Geology and Structure of the Southern Part of the Tobacco Root Mountains, Southwestern Montana: Map Summary,” 1979
1/16 Cordua, William-“Geothits Pseudomorphs after Marcasite,” 1989
1/17 Cordua, William-“Magnetic Minerals,” 1994
1/18 Cordua, William-“Minerals of the Buckley Quarry Douglas County, Wisconsin”, 1991
1/19 Cordua, William-“South Range Quarry, Douglas Co., WI,” 1990
1/20 Cramer, Kathy-“Making Connections: A Case for Proportionality,” 1993
1/21 Cramer, Kathy-“Proportional Reasoning,” 1993
1/22 Cramer, Kathy-Publications (General Listing), 1993
1/23 Demers, David-“Corporate Structure and Emphasis on Profits and Product Quality at U.S. Daily Newspapers,” 1991
1/24 Demers, David-Publications (General Listing), 1993
1/25 Ferriss, Terry L.-“Comparing and Contrasting the Control of Flowering in Alstroemeria ‘Regina’, Freesia x Hybrida and Lilium Longiflorum,” 1980
1/26 Ferriss, Terry L.-“Factors Influencing Seed Germination of Freesia Refracta Klatt cv. Royal Mix,” 1977
1/27 Ferriss, Terry L.-Publications (General Listing), 1993
1/28 Ferriss, Terry L.-“Response of Freesia Hybrida Corms to Exogenous Growth Regulator Applications,” 1981
1/29 Garry, Clarke-“Environmental Analysis of a Twocreekan-aged Beetle (Coleoptera) Assemblage from Kewaunee, WI,” 1990
1/30 Garry, Clarke-“Ground Beetles (Coleoptera: Carabidae) of Paleoenvironmental Significance of the Forest-Tundra and Open Woodland of Northern Manitoba, Canada”, 1993
1/31 Garry, Clarke-“Plant and Insect Remains from the Wisconsinan Interstadial/Stadial Transition at Wedron, North-Central Illinois,” 1990
1/32 Luebke, Steven R.-Publications (General Listing), 1993
1/33 Lundeberg, Mary-“A Commentary on Reading in the Content Areas,” 1988
1/34 Lundeberg, Mary-“C2R: Concentrate, Read, Remember,” 1981
1/35 Lundeberg, Mary-“Developing Faculty Understanding of College Students with Learning Disabilities,” 1988
1/36 Lundeberg, Mary-“Do Laboratory Findings on Test Expectancy Generalize to Classroom Outcomes?” 1991
1/37 Lundeberg, Mary-“Highly Confident but Wrong: Gender Differences and Similarities in Confidence Judgments,” 1993
1/38 Lundeberg, Mary-“How to Read History,” 1980
1/39 Lundeberg, Mary-“Metacognitive Aspects of Reading Comprehension: Studying Understanding in Legal Case Analysis,” 1987
1/40 Lundeberg, Mary-“The Newspaper Route to Vocabulary Collection,” 1979
1/41 Lundeberg, Mary-Publications (General Listing), 1993
1/42 Lundeberg, Mary-“Supplemental Instruction in Chemistry,” 1990
1/43 Lundeberg, Mary-“Women’s Ways of Knowing & Changing our Minds,” 1989
1/44 Miller, Don-Leonardo, Supplemental Issue, 1990 (Cover 1990 Artwork)
1/45 Scheurman, Geoffery-“Educational Psychology: A View from Within the Discipline, ” 1993
1/46 Scheurman, Geoffery-“Fluid Abilities and Epistemic Thinking: Some Prescriptions for Adult Education,” 1992
1/47 Senft, James R.-“Analysis of the Brake Performance Potential of Crossley-Stirling Engines,” 1991
1/48 Senft, James R.-“Buffer Pressure Effects in Stirling Engines,” 1988
1/49 Senft, James R.-“Charge Pressure Effects in Kinematic Stirling Engines,” 1989
1/50 Senft, James R.-“Displacer Spring Effects in Ringbom Stirling Engines,” 1986
1/51 Senft, James R.-“General Analysis of the Mechanical Efficiency of Reciprocating Heat Engines,” 1993
1/52 Senft, James R.-“A General Formula for the Work Output of Reciprocating Heat Engines,” 1990
1/53 Senft, James R.-“General Results on Mechanical Efficiency of Heat Engines,” 1988
1/54 Senft, James R.-“A Low Temperature Difference Ringbom Stirling Demonstration Engine,” 1984
1/55 Senft, James R.-“A Mathematical Model for Ringbom Engine Operation,” 1985
1/56 Senft, James R.-“Mechanical Efficiency Considerations in the Design on an Ultra Low Temperature Differential Stirling Engine,” 1992
1/57 Senft, James R.-“Mechanical Efficiency of Heat Engines,” 1986
1/58 Senft, James R.-“Mechanical Efficiency of Kinematic Heat Engines,”1987
1/59 Senft, James R.-“Mechanical Efficiency of Stirling Engines General Mathematical Considerations,” 1985
1/60 Senft, James R.-“Pressurization Effects in KinematicHeat Engines,” 1991
1/61 Senft, James R.-Publications (General Listing), 1993
1/62 Senft, James R.-“A Ringbom Stirling Demonstration Engine,” 1986
1/63 Senft, James R.-“Ringbom-Stirling Engine Simulation and Parametric Study,” 1985
1/64 Senft, James R.-“Small Stationary Stirling Engine Design,” 1982
1/65 Senft, James R.-“A Solar Ringbom Stirling Engine,” 1986
1/66 Senft, James R.-“Stirling Engines,” n.d.
1/67 Senft, James R.-“Thermodynamic Cycles,” n.d.
1/68 Senft, James R.-“An Ultra Low Temperature Differential Stirling Engline,” 1991
1/69 Smith, Clyde-Publications (General Listing), 1993
1/70 Taubman, William-“From Plans to Practice: Needed Conservation Education for Wisconsin Farmers,” 1990
1/71 Taubman, William-“Streambank Erosion in Burnett Co.,” 1974
2/1 Taubman, William-“T by 2000” (slides and audio cassettes), n.d.
2/2 Vasavada, Purnendu C.-“Ban the Bugs,” 1987
2/3 Vasavada, Purnendu C.-“Dairy Technology for the 1990’s,” 1991
2/4 Vasavada, Purnendu C.-“Effect of Microwave Energy on Bacteria,” 1986
2/5 Vasavada, Purnendu C.-“HACCP Revisited,” 1993
2/6 Vasavada, Purnendu C.-“Incidence of Campylobacter Jejuni in Raw Milk as Related to its Quality,” 1991
2/7 Vasavada, Purnendu C.-“Incidence of Yersinia Enterocolitica in Raw Milk as Related to its Quality,”1991
2/8 Vasavada, Purnendu C.-“Innovative Instruments are Finding Matitis Fast,” 1988
2/9 Vasavada, Purnendu C.-“Low-Acid Foods Defy Liabilities,” 1988
2/10 Vasavada, Purnendu C.-“Microwave Processing for the Dairy Industry,” 1990
2/11 Vasavada, Purnendu C.-“Milk Safety: Is There a Crisis?” 1986
2/12 Vasavada, Purnendu C.-“Miniaturized Kits, Immunoassays and DNA Hybridization for Recognition and Identification of Foodborne Bacteria,” 1987
2/13 Vasavada, Purnendu C.-“Organoleptic and Gas Chromatographic Analysis of Cultured Buttermilk,”1985
2/14 Vasavada, Purnendu C.-“Pathogenic Bacteria in Milk-A Review,”1988
2/15 Vasavada, Purnendu C.-“Quality of Commercial Buttermilk,” 1979
2/16 Vasavada, Purnendu C.-“Quality Considerations and Manufacturing of Italian Cheese in Australia,” 1990
2/17 Vasavada, Purnendu C.-“Symposium: Health Related Aspects of Milk and Milk Products,” 1987
2/18 Vasavada, Purnendu C.-“Use of Microwave Energy to Inactivate Listeria Monocytogenes in Milk,” 1993
2/19 Vasavada, Purnendu C.-“Use of Microwave Energy to Inactivate Yersinia Enterocolitica and Campylobacter Jejuni in Milk,” 1993

UWRF Series 90: 1994-96 Additions
Faculty Publications
Arrangement: Alphabetically by Author
Quantity: 1 box

This series consists mostly of publications that were submitted to the ARC in the fall of 1994 in response to a request to faculty to submit their writings. Some additional items were received 1995-96.

Box/Folder Contents, Year
1/1 1/1: Baker, Robert W.-The Effects of Crystal Size and Dispersed-Solid Inclusion on the Activation Energy for Creep of Ice, 1979
1/2 Baker, Robert W.-A Flow Equation for Anisotropic Ice, 1982
1/3 Baker, Robert W.-The Influence of Ice-Crystal Size On Creep, 1978
1/4 Baker, Robert W.-Is the Creep of Ice Really Independent of the Third Deviatoric Stress Invarient, 1987
1/5 Baker, Robert W.-Pre-Wisconsinan GlacialStratigraphy, Chronology, and Paleomagnetics of West-Central Wisconsin, 1983
1/6 Baker, Robert W.-Teaching Facilitation Committee Provides Unique Setting for Faculty to Produce Teaching Improvement Results,1991
1/7 Baker, Robert W.-Textural and Crystal-Fabric Anisotropies and the Flow of Ice Masses, 1981
1/8 Beckham, Sue Bridwell-‘Sanging Out’ the Land: Wisconsin’s Multimillion-Dollar Ginseng Industry, 1994
1/9 Chavey, Keith-Bipartite Graphs and Inverse Sign Patterns of Strong Sign-Nonsingular Matrices, 1994
1/10 Copp, Brian-Social Ecology: A Multidisciplinary Initiative, 1991
1/11 Cordua, William-Magnetic Minerals, 1994
                                   Wheat Sheaf Siderite, 1995
                                    Polarized Light Show, 1996
                                    Field Trip to the Koktokay, 1996 
1/12 Demers, David Pearce, Matt Frey and Patrice Peterson-Are Students at UWRF More Conservative Than Other College Students? 1992
1/13 Demers, David Pearce-The Color of Justice, 1992
1/14 Demers, David Pearce-Commentary: A Qualitative Analysis of Newspaper Polls, 1988
1/15 Demers, David Pearce-Corporate Newspaper Structure and Editorial Page Vigor, 1995
1/16 Demers, David Pearce-Corporate Newspaper Structure and Organizational Goals, 1994
1/17 Demers, David Pearce-Corporate Structure and Emphasis on Profits and Quality at U.S. Daily Newspapers, 1991
1/18 Demers, David Pearce-Effects of Chain Ownership on Newspaper Management Goals, 1988
1/19 Demers, David Pearce-Effects of Corporate Structure on Autonomy of Top Editors at U.S. Dailies, 1993
1/20 Demers, David Pearce-Effect of Organizational Size on Job Satisfaction of Top Editors at U.S. Dailies, 1992
1/21 Demers, David Pearce-Issues Obtrusiveness and the Agenda-Setting Effects of National Network News, 1989
1/22 Demers, David Pearce-Opinions, Polling Practices of Chain and Independent Papers, 1988
1/23 Demers, David Pearce-Relative Constancy, Hypothesis, Structural Pluralism, and National Advertising Expenditures, 1994
1/24 Demers, David Pearce-Structural Pluralism Intermedia Competition, and the Growth of the Corporate Newspaper in the United States, 1994
1/25 Demers, David Pearce-The Student Voice: Problems and Solutions, 1993
1/26 Demers, David Pearce-Use of Polls in Reporting Changes Slightly Since 1978, 1987
1/27 Gerster, Carole-The Asian American Renaissance in Independent Cinema and Valerie Soe’s New Year, 1994
1/28 Gerster, Carole and Karolides, Nicholas-Ethnic Literature in the Secondary School Curriculum: The Classroom Activity Approach, 1991
1/29 Gerster, Carole-From Film Margin to Novel Center: Toni Morrison’s The Bluest Eye, 1992
1/30 Gerster, Carole and Toman, Marshall-Powwow Highway in an Ethnic Film and Literature Course, 1991
1/31 Gerster, Carole-The Reality of Fantasy: Emily Bronte’s Wuthering Heights, 1988
1/32 Johnston, Randy J.-Rekindling the Fire, 1994
1/33 Lundeberg, Mary Anna and Jean E. Fawver- Thinking Like a Teacher: Encouraging Cognitive Growth in Case Analysis, 1994
1/34 Najafi, Hossein L.-An Architectural Development and Performance of a Real Time Lan, 1988
1/35 Najafi, Hossein L.-Constrained Topological Mapping for Nonparametric Regression Analysis, 1991
1/36 Najafi, Hossein L.-Effect of Initial Weights on Early Back-Propagation and Its Variations, 1990’s
1/37 Najafi, Hossein L.-Fault-Tolerant Communications Processing, 1991
1/38 Najafi, Hossein L.-Informative Data Representation Early for Neural Network-Based Diagnostic Systems, 1990’s
1/39 Najafi, Hossein L.-List of Publications and Presentations, 1994
1/40 Najafi, Hossein L.-Nonparametric Regression Analysis Using Self-Organizing Topological Maps, 1992
1/41 Najafi, Hossein L.-Performance of a New LAN for Real-Time Traffic, 1990
1/42 Najafi, Hossein L.-The Performance of a Real Time Early LAN Architecture for Sensor Fusion Applications, 1990’s
1/43 Perkins, Faye and Barrett, Betsy-Health and Fitness For Life, 1994
1/44 Schils, Sheila-Kinematic Analysis of the Equestrian-Walk, Posting Trot, and Sitting Trot, 1993
1/45 Swain, Larry B.-Using Personality Types to Early Increase Follower Motivation, 1990’s

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