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UWRF Series 89: Faculty, Faculty Women’s Club, 1914-

UWRF Series 89 Collection Inventory
Faculty Women’s Club, 1914-
Arrangement: Alphabetically by folder, chronologically by document
Quantity: 1 box
2005 Additions - International dinner materials; photo albums, scrapbooks and record books; 1967-2000

Collection Summary: The Faculty Women’s Club was formed sometime around 1914 as a social organization for women connected with the River Falls State Normal School. It was originally called “The Faculty Women’s League,” but changed its name in November of 1940 to its present title, “The Faculty Women’s Club.” The philosophy of the organization always underscored sociability over money-making. Nevertheless, the group has continually supported a variety of charitable and civic causes. For example, the club awarded annual scholarships, donated milk and clothing to the needy, and contributed to such organizations as the American Red Cross, the Girl Scouts, the Salvation Army, the American Legion, and the March of Dimes. In terms of social activities, the club became involved in a wide range of events and projects, including plays, musicals, teas, dinners, and writing cookbooks.

The Faculty Women’s Club grew from a membership of between 20 and 30 women in the 1920’s and 1930’s, to more than 50 members in the 1960’s and 1970’s.

This collection contains minutes of meetings, early and revised constitutions, rosters of members, correspondence, programs, scrapbooks, and other materials relating to the Faculty Women’s Club.

Additional scrapbooks can be found in UWRF Series 74 (Ames Laboratory School); UWRF Series 109 (YMCA/YWCA); and UWRF Series 125 (Public Relations Office).

Box/Folder Contents, Years
1/1 Minutes of Meetings, 1922-30
1/2 Minutes of Meetings, 1930-39
1/3 Minutes of Meetings, 1940-55
1/4 Minutes of Meetings, 1955-65
1/5 Minutes of Meetings, 1965-69, 1971
1/6 Roster of Members (incomplete), 1922-
1/7 Constitutions, 1914, 1951, 1965, 1969, 1970’s
1/8 “President’s Report” on the history of the Organization, including a list of scholarship recipients, 1965
1/9 Scattered Correspondence and Tea Committee notes, including a letter to club members concerning the hiring of a nurse by the Pierce County Board, 1932-
1/10 Scattered programs, including a 1962 Spring musical, 1966 Christmas musical, and a 1967 play, “Ragged Edges of Memory”, a play about the history of the club from,1947-67 1946-
1/11 Minutes of Meetings,1981-85
1/12 Newsletters
1/13 Interest Groups (Music Madams, Matinee Madness, Arts and Crafts, Gourmet Luncheons, Budget, Physical Fitness Reports,1977-84), 1969-84

UWRF Series 89: 2005 Additions
Faculty Women’s Club, 1914-
Quantity: 3 boxes

Box 1 contains information on the International Dinners interest group. The bulk of these materials were donated by Anne Anderson in 1997, but there are some materials which were donated by Curt and Dee Larson in 2005.

Boxes 2 and 3 were donated by Curt and Dee Larson in 2005. The additions consist of various records, including some scattered correspondence and clippings, photo albums, a scrapbook, and record books. The record books contain minutes, newsletters, member rosters, yearly programs, and other information. To keep the integrity of the books, the contents were not separated into different folders by record type. Thus, there could be some duplication with the contents of Box 1 of the original series.

Box/Folder Contents, Years
1/1 International Dinners-Chron. Listing, 1967-1999
1/2 International Dinners, 1967-1973
1/3 International Dinners, 1973-1978
1/4 International Dinners, 1978-1983
1/5 International Dinners, 1983-1989
1/6 International Dinners, 1989-1994
1/7 International Dinners, 1994-2000
1/8 International Dinners-Misc., 1960’s-1970’s, n.d.
2/1 Constitution, 1982-1983, n.d.
2/2 Correspondence and Clippings, 1976-80, 1983-84, n.d.
2/3 Record Book, 1968-1975
2/4 Record Book, 1975-1987
3/1 Photo Album, 1971-1984
3/2 Photo Album, 1975-1990
3/3 Scrapbook, 1964-1987

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