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UWRF Series 35: Vice Chancellor, Area Research Center, 1935-

UWRF Series 35 Collection Inventory
Vice Chancellor
Area Research Center, 1935-
Quantity: 32 boxes

Background: The Area Research Center at the University of Wisconsin-River Falls is one of thirteen such centers associated with the State Historical Society of Wisconsin in cooperation with twelve University of Wisconsin four-year institutions and the Northern Great Lakes Visitor Center at Ashland. The goal of each Area Research Center is to build comprehensive collections documenting the history of its region and to make these collections easily accessible. In addition to preserving local records, the Centers comprise a statewide network, whose purpose it is to identify, collect, and house archives, manuscripts, photographs, and related materials and to encourage their use.

The River Falls Area Research Center, formerly known as the St. Croix Valley Historical Research Center, was formally established in 1962. The collection, however, dates back at least to the 1934 founding of the State Teachers College Historical Society and Museum, by Dr. Walker Wyman of the University’s History Department. One of the earliest of the thirteen centers comprising the state network, it was originally administered jointly by the Department of History and the Chalmer Davee Library; supervision and operation of the River Falls Center became solely the responsibility of the library in 1980.

Directors of the River Falls Area Research Center, since its formal organization, have included John E. Lankford (1962-64), James T. King (1964-80), and Timothy L. Ericson (1980-84). Susan D. Steinwall served as director while Ericson was on leave between October 1984 to August 1987. University Archivists, reporting to the Director, have included Deryl V. Gease (1966-68), David J. Olson (1968-71), Patrick J. Nolan (1971-73), and Timothy L. Ericson (1974-80). Lankford, Kind, Gease, Olson, and Nolan were also members of the History Department faculty. Timothy D. Cary was director from September 1987 through September 1990. Stephanie J. Zeman served as director from October 1990 through June 1997. Susan Ginter Watson became the director/archivist in July of 1997 and left in January 2005. Stephanie J. Zeman returned as interim archivist 2005-06. In approximately 2003, the title of the head of the department changed to archivist, as opposed to director, to correctly reflect UW System job titles.

The collections of the River Falls Area Research Center are concerned primarily with the history of the University of Wisconsin-River Falls and Pierce, St. Croix, Polk, and Burnett counties of northwestern Wisconsin. Additionally, limited materials pertaining to several of the adjoining counties in eastern Minnesota are included. The original records and papers, local histories, genealogies, government documents, university records, newspapers, maps, oral histories, and photographs which comprise the collections of the Center are intended for the use by both the university community and the general public.

Arrangement: The collection is arranged alphabetically by filing unit and then chronologically by document. However, correspondence, which is organized first by calendar year, is then arranged alphabetically by correspondent. Also, Area Research Center accessions for local donors are now in the collection file, listed by collection name.

Restriction: Parts of this series are restricted, such as the correspondence with patrons, for privacy rule reasons. Please consult with the archivist if there are questions.

Box/Folder Contents, Years
1/1 Accessions- New 1967-69, 1972, 1974-75, n.d.
1/2 Administrative Reports and Statistics, 1962-
1/3-4 Annual Reports, 1963-
1/5 Archives Consultant Committee, 1973-74
1/6 ARC System Correspondence, 1971-76, n.d.
1/7 ARC System Progress Report, 1965-69, 1971-81
9/12 Athletic Hall of Fame, 1981-84
1/8 “Audiovisuals for Archivists” SAA Project, 1983
1/9 Cutover Country Project, 1967-69
2/10 Conservation Committee, 1981-82, n.d.
2/11 Cooklock, R.A., Library Staff Evaluation, 1979
2/12 Cooklock Caper, 1976
2/13-15 Correspondence, 1935-65
3/1-6 Correspondence, 1966-77
4/1-6 Correspondence, 1978
4/7-12 Correspondence, 1979
5/1-6 Correspondence, 1980
5/7-12 Correspondence, 1981
6/1-6 Correspondence, 1982
6/7-12 Correspondence, 1983
7/1-5 Correspondence-General, 1970-76
7/6 Dany Sharon Institute Correspondence, 1972-73
7/7 Equipment, Supplies, Expenses, 1972-81, n.d.
7/8 Ericson, Timothy: Activities and Publicity, 1974-75, 1977-81, n.d.
7/9-11 Ericson, Timothy: Correspondence, 1973-75
8/1-6 Ericson, Timothy: Correspondence, 1976-81
8/7 Ericson, Timothy: MAC Program Committee, 1982-83
9/1 Friends of the Archives, 1980
8/8 Grissom, George W.: Correspondence, 1973-77, n.d.
8/9 Heritage Interpretive Project, 1977
8/10 Hills, Cecile: Correspondence, 1975-78, n.d.
8/11 Hoar, Col. Walter G.: Correspondence, 1968-69
9/2 Humidity Controls, 1979-80
8/12 Hunter, Ralph W.: Correspondence, 1976-77
9/3 Institutional Assistance Grant Application, ca. 1965
9/4-7 Library Staff, 1972-81, n.d.
9/8 Local History Genealogy Project, UW-EC, 1982
9/9-10 Local Records Repositories Committee, 1979, 1981-82, n.d.
10/2 Luck Oral History Project, 1980-81
9/11 Miller, Willis: Donations, 1972, 1974, 1976, 1979
10/1 Mormon Cemetery and Church Records Microfilm Project, 1979-81
12/4 Oral History Project: General, inc. Krueger Tape Library, 1963-68
12/5 Oral History Project: Annual Reports, 1967-75
12/6 Oral History Project: Correspondence, 1966-73
12/7-8 Oral History Project: Leads, ca. 1963-75
12/9 Oral History Project: New York Times Proposal, 1971-73
12/10 Oral History Project: Requests for Vol. 1, 1972-73
13/1 Oral History Project: “Voices of the St. Croix Valley”, Vol. 1, 1972
13/2 Oral History Project: “Voices of the St. Croix Valley”, 2nd ed., 1978
10/3 Promotional Material 1963, 1969, 1971-73, ca. 1975, ca. 1979, 1985-
10/4-9 Publicity, 1935, 1955, 1962-
10/10 Publicity: “Scenes from Yesteryear,” 1968, 1975-80, n.d.
10/11 Rose, Mrs. Wayne P.: Correspondence, 1978
10/12 Staff 1965, 1971-
10/13 Staff-Nonsense, 1966-71, 1973-74, 1976, 1984-
9/13 Turcheneske, John Anthony: Correspondence, 1974-84
13/3 Twenty-fifth Anniversary Celebration, Sept. 17, 1987
10/14 Vice Chancellor’s Advisory Committee, 1981, 1983
10/15 Wisconsin Inventory of Historic Buildings and Sites, 1973-74, 1977, n.d.


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