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UWRF Series 33: Vice Chancellor, Placement Bureau/Career Services

Dates: 1913-2013
Quantity:  2.4 c.f. (6 ab’s, 2 .5 ab’s )
Division of Education and Placement
Director  Dr. L. Gordon Stone, 1948-1966
Starting in the 1940’s the placement service was located in the campus school, its primary purpose is to place teacher in permanent jobs after graduation.
Placement Bureau
Director Dr. Leland Jenson, 1966 – 1990
 In the 1960’s, renamed Placement Bureau, was “the information center for job opportunities in teaching, industry and government provide services to graduates, alumni and employing officials.” Also at this time, the department was reclassified from Teacher Education to the Academic Success Center in East Hathorn Hall.
1976 – The office of Career planning and Placement Services “is an information and counseling center for career planning in the files of teaching, business, and government.”
1983 Office of Career Services
Career Services
Director John Hamann, 1994-1996
1995 – The office of Career Services is committed to helping students make and implement satisfying career decisions.” Services – Resource Center, Peer Advisors, Alumni Information Network, Resume Service, Seminars, job Listings, Referrals, and On-Campus interviews.
The first addition to this series consists of the papers of Dr. Gordon Stone, including correspondence for student placement, the Teacher Education Department and UW-Extension courses. Boxes 2-4 are reports of teaching experience.  Boxes 5-6 contain annual reports from the office.
The second addition (2012) includes publications of Career Fair Employer Guides and Post Graduation surveys.

Box   Folder    Contents

1          1          Correspondence – Dr. Gordon Stone (1952-1964)
            2          Extension Courses (1953-1956)
            3          Memorandum – From President Kleinpell (1953-1956)
            4          Memorandum – Reference Tabulations (1964-1987)
            5          Newsletter – Career Services (1995)
            6          Newsletter – Placement Briefs (1969-1973)
            7          Placement of Graduates (1913-1915)
            8          Student Recommendations (1925-1942)
            9          Survey Results – Wisconsin Public Schools Staffing Requirements
2                      Reports of Teaching Experience (1915-1925)
3                      Reports of Teaching Experience (1926-1935)
4                      Reports of Teaching Experience (1936-1942)
5                      Annual Reports (1955-1970)
6                      Annual Reports (1971 – 1989)
7          1-5       Career Fair – Employer Guide (1992-2013)
            6          Cooperative Education and Internship Advisory Board (1995)
            7          Education Credential File
            8          Federal Grant Application – Cooperative Education Program (1994)
            9          Federal Grant Award – Cooperative Education Program (1994)
           10        Masters Paper – Manual for Professionals Creating an Academic Internship Program In Post-Secondary Education (1993) 
8          1          Planner – College Education Organizer
            2          Policy – Distribution of Indirect Overhead Costs (1988)
            3-7       Post-Graduation Survey (1994-2007)                                                                                                                                                            

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