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UWRF Series 19: Chancellor’s Office, North Central Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools (NCACS), 1930-

UWRF Series 19 Collection Inventory

Chancellor’s Office
North Central Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools (NCACS), 1930-
Arrangement: Chronologically by Subject File Unit
Quantity: 2 boxes

Collection Inventory: The North Central Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools, founded in 1895, is one of six similar regionally based organizations in the United States whose purpose is the accreditation of higher educational institutions.

The bulk of the materials included in this series pertain to the initial accreditation of the River Falls State Teachers College in 1935. These include correspondence, a 1932 faculty roster, faculty records, completed schedules relating to various aspects of the school’s facilities, the Dec. 1934 application for accreditation and a July 1935 report of inspection.

Materials pertaining to later relations between the school and the NCACS are also included in the series. Among these are correspondence to 1948, miscellaneous completed schedules, 1945 faculty records, a number of printed NCACS reports and studies, and a 1962 proposal and request for accreditation of a Master of Science degree in Teaching.

See UWRF series 18 (National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education-NCATE) for related materials.

Box/Folder Contents, Years
1/1 Correspondence, Nov 1931-Oct 1935. Includes WSTC-RF institutional pattern map, 1935, diagrammatically rating the school. 1931-1935
1/2 Faculty roster, Jan 1932. Lists rank, department, salaries and activities, 1932
1/3 Schedules, 1930-1931. Current revenue classified by source; current expenditures; analysis of operations of auxiliary activities, annuity funds, sales and services; enrollment, 1930-1931
1/4 Schedules, May 1933. Reports for 1930/31; enrollment, full-time students; part-time students day attendance; part-time students, evening and extension; part-time students, summer session. Reports for 1933: Training school enrollment; instruction; curriculum, 1933
1/5 Schedules, Dec. 1934-Jan 1935. Purposes and objectives; individuality; roster of instructional and administrative staff; faculty records, 1934-1935
1/6 Schedules, Dec 1934-Jan 1935. Schedules 13 through 81, 1934-1935
1/7 Schedules, Nov-Dec. 1935. 13-15; 17-19; 21-25; 41-51; 61.
1/8 Application for accreditation, Dec 1934
1/9 Reports of inspection, 1935. Includes institutional pattern map, 1935
1/10 Faculty records, Nov-Dec 1935. Alphabetical, 1935
1/11 Faculty records, Dec. 1937
1/12 Schedules and related correspondence, Dec 1937-1938
2/1 Correspondence, 1936-1948 and n.d.
2/2 Miscellaneous schedules, 1941-1949. Finance, 1941; 1947; Library, 1950.
2/3 Library report, 1943
2/4 Miscellaneous printed reports and studies. “A Study of Administrative Functions,” Melvin W. Hyde, Jan 1943; Report on WSTC-Eau Claire, Jan 1950; “Changes in Enrollments Over a Fifteen-year period in Institutions Accredited by the NCA During the Year 1936-37,” Wm. J. Haggerty and Geo. A. Works; program for the 44th annual meeting, 1939; program for the 40th annual meeting, 1935; “Accredited Higher Institutions,” 1935-36; NCA statement of policy, 1934; assorted other NCA publications, 1934-1950
2/5 Faculty records, Oct-Nov 1945
2/6 Proposal and request for accreditation of M.S. in Teaching degree, April 1962
2/7 Report of a Visit to Wisconsin State University-River Falls, Jan 13-15 (includes Aug `69 req.) 1969
2/8 Self-Study Report, 1977
2/9 Report of a Visit to UW-River Falls, March 12-15 1978
2/10 Institutional Self-Study Report, 1987
2/11 Report of a Visit to UW-RF, Feb 15-17 1988
2/12 Self-Study Report, 1998
2/13 Report of a Visit to UW-RF, April 20-22 1998

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