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UWRF Series 173: Registrar’s Office Transcript Books, prior to 1922

UWRF Series 173 Collection Inventory
Registrar’s Office
Transcript Books, Prior to 1922
Quantity: 6 volumes, plus two indexes produced by the Archives
Arrangement: Alphabetical
RESTRICTED SERIES-See below for details.

Collection Summary: This collection of six transcript books was given to the Archives by the UW-River Falls Registrar’s Office in 2005. The books contain the academic record (transcript) for the students who attended the school prior to 1922. However, if a student returned to take classes after that, those grades would also be recorded in the books. The books were all labeled as being prior to1922, so that language was retained for this series, despite some records including 1922 and later years. Sometimes, a notation is made that the record has been transferred to a card, which would presumably still be at the Registrar’s Office. Volumes E-H also give additional information for each student, such as the hometown, the name of a parent, etc. Volumes A and D were not received, and their existence is not certain.

RESTRICTION: The books contain what is deemed confidential information under FERPA. FERPA protection ends upon a student’s death. Then, the institutional policy governs access to the records. As of 2005, the Registrar’s Office grants access to student records of deceased students. Thus, for the Archives purposes, to have access to these books, the researcher must present proof of death of the deceased student. If there is a question, please contact the Archivist as to access. The Archivist may defer to the Registrar’s Office for advice on unusual situations.

The books came with no index. The records are generally alphabetical, but there is some variation in this. Thus, to facilitate easy access, an index was made by the Archives to the names in the six volumes. The index was done using a Microsoft Excel program. Two versions of the index were printed-a book/page order index and an alphabetical order index. The indexes are not included under the restriction clause, so those can be viewed by anyone.

Volume Contents, Years
Vol. B Student Records A-Z, Late 1800’s-Early 1900’s
Vol. C Student Records A-Z, Early 1900’s
Vol. E Student Records A-K, 1900’s-1920’s
Vol. F Student Records L-Z, 1900’s-1920’s
Vol. G Student Records A-K, 1900’s-1920’s
Vol. H Student Records K-Z, 1900’s-1920’s

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