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UWRF Series 166: Thursday Reflections, 1988-1991

UWRF Series 166 Collection Inventory
Thursday Reflections, 1988-1991
Arrangement: Chronilogical.
Quantity: 10 videotapes and one folder in one box

Collection Summary: Thursday Reflections was a campus cable TV show that aired in the late 1980’s – early 1990’s. The presenters were mostly university faculty and staff who would lecture on a particular topic. The collection consists of ten videotapes and one folder which contains descriptions of several of the shows (mediaforms). This is not all of the tapes made, but it is an excellent representative sample. It should be noted that many of the tapes contain two separate programs, and just because two people are on the same tape does not mean that they are doing a joint program.

Box/Folder-Tape Contents, Years
1/1 Thomas Lopez and Clyde Curry Smith, 1988
1/2 Creative Arts, parts 1 and 2, 1989
1/3 Bruce Williamson and Meg Swanson, 1989
1/4 Larry Albertson and Kurt Leichtle, 1989
1/5 The Vietnam Conflict and Dona Lansing Bracht, 1990
1/6 Mike Norman and David Peters, 1990
1/7 Michael Karr and Ken Olson, 1990
1/8 Bob Pionke and Ed Peterson, 1990
1/9 Bruce Williamson and John Erni, 1990
1/10 Clark Dobbs, Meg Swanson and Robin Murray, 1990
1/11 Media Forms, 1988-91

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