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UWRF Series 162: Quarter/Semester Abroad Projects, 1963-1991

UWRF Series 162 Collection Inventory
Quarter/Semester Abroad Projects, 1963-1991
Arrangement: Alphabetical by student name.
Quantity: 6 boxes

Collection Summary: UW-RF began the Quarter Abroad program in 1963. It became the semester abroad program with semester conversion in 1990. The projects in this series are a sampling of the many topics that have been researched over the years. Dr. Robert Bailey was the person responsible for beginning the program and he ran it for over 20 years. 

Box/Folder Contents, Years
1/1 Abrahamson, John Irving – Norwegian Swine and Sheep Production, 1980
1/2 Anderson, Danial J. – Potting with Bassoli, 1967
1/3 Anderson, Debra J. – Hospital and Clinical Laboratories in Norway, 1976
1/4 Anderson, Gerald M. – British Open Education Plan, 1974
1/5 Anderson, Jennifer A. – To Understand the “Righteous Among the Nations of the Word”, 1989
1/6 Anderson, Kris – At London’s Theatres, n.d.
1/7 Anderson, LaVerne G. – The Alpine Ski Industry of Switzerland Compared and Contrasted with the U.S., n.d.
1/8 Ayman, Tooraj – A Study of Motivations, Social Life and Studies of Iranian Students in Germany with Comparative References to the Situation of Iranian Students in Britain, 1967
1/9 Barnard, James H. – Pottery in Great Britain, 1989
1/10 Bates, Scott G. – Danish Agriculture and Advisory Services, 1985
1/11 Bauman, Thomas A. – The Dynamics of Team Teaching as Found in the United States and its Possibilities in the Netherlands, 1968
1/12 Blide, Thomas Sheenan – Medieval Military Architecture or the Castle, 1986
1/13 Boehm, Adele M. – Sweden’s Art Subsidy, 1965
1/14 Boutwell, Paul – Soil Management and Use of Reclaimed Agricultural Land in the Netherlands, 1976
1/15 Braun, Terri – The English Criminal Court System: Focusing on the Adult Criminal Courts, 1980
1/16 Brazel, Kathryn – A Comparison of the Early Education Programs of Spain and the United States, 1985 (revised)
1/17 Broniszewski, Christine – England Today-The Printmaking Scene, 1967
1/18 Chase, Elizabeth M. – Drug and Alcohol Abuse in Sweden: A Communicator’s Perspective, 1988
1/19 Chesnutt-Wilbur, Justine – An Analysis of the Work of the Nabi Artists and Their Role in the Era of Post-Impressionist Art, 1978
1/20 Christensen, David N. – Transportation Needs and Services for the Elderly in the United Kingdom, n.d. (two of the same)
1/21 Christiansen, Robert – The European Communities Then, Now, and the Future Looking Towards, n.d.
1/22 Crandall, Sarah – Superlearning: An Accelerated Learning System, 1990
2/1 DeSiena, John – The Netherlands and Dutch Society, 1973
2/2 Draeger, Dennis A. – An Outlook of the Agriculture Education System in Holland, 1977 (two of the same)
2/3 Dunn, Marvin G. – The Taize Community, 1966
2/4 Eder, Angela M. – The Role of the Cuchulian Sage in the Rebirth of Irish Literature, 1969
2/5 Ehresmann, Bob – The Education Process of a Dutch Police Officer, 1984
2/6 Emmerich, Steven A. – Technology of Dairy Milking, Feeding, and Waste Removal Systems, 1981
2/7 Ekstrom, Terry – The German Automobile: Its History, Production, and Purchase Information, n.d.
2/8 Engler, Joni – A Comparative Study of Primary School Curriculum in West Germany and Ames Teacher Education, 1978
2/9 Erdman, Carole Jo – A Criminology Paper done for Doctor Bailey III, 1977
2/10 Engebreth, Evelyn – The British Secondary Schools and the Language Arts, 1968
2/11 Fick, Charles A. and Kingsbury, David E. – English in the Dutch Preparatory-Secondary Schools, 1968
2/12 Foster, Philip J. – The System for Institutional Care and Treatment of Juvenile Delinquents in the Netherlands, n.d.
2/13 Gehrke, David – Agricultural Finance in Denmark, 1978
2/14 Geurink, Terry – The Financing of Dutch Agriculture, 1980-81
2/15 Grippen, Kerry Jon – The Teaching of History in the Schools of West Germany, 1970
2/16 Grotjahn, Edna – The Designs of Greek Folk Weaving, 1970
2/17 Grove, Penny and Schwartz, Kathy – Holland’s Communication Approaches for the Speech and Hearing Impaired School Age Population, 1978
2/18 Gutenberger, Brian James – The Improvement of the Dairy Cow in Denmark, 1980-81
2/19 Hamman, Patricia – The History of Bath, England, 1985
2/20 Hansel, Brian Boyd – Living by Design, 1990-91
2/21 Hansen, Linda J. – Treatment of Juvenile Delinquents through Institutional Care in the Netherlands, 1970
2/22 Hart, Bette – Correctional Institutions of Young Adult Offenders and Juvenile Homes in Denmark, 1969
2/23 Hart, Randy Willis. Mortgage Credit Development and Use in Danish Agriculture, n.d.
2/24 Hatch, David – The Fifth Grade of Primary Education in England, 1988-89
3/1 Hatfield, Michael – The Norman Style: An Architecture in Transition, 1981
3/2 Heininger, Carrie – Focus: St. Paul and Amsterdam A Cooperative Study of the Homeless, 1987
3/3 Henning Verne and Nehring, Bonnie – A Study of Marihuana in Great Britain, 1970
3/4 Hornblower, Elenor – The Woven Images of Peter and Ritzi Jacobi, 1973
3/5 Hovelson, Julie Majerus – Street Musicians in Paris, 1984
3/6 Huppert, Theresa – A Comparative Study of Drug Addiction, Rehabilitation, and Dependence in Great Britain-1956-1971, n.d.
3/7 Husby, Tammy J. – Management Information Systems (3M Germany and 3M Austria), 1985
3/8 Jacobs, Judith K. – Comparison of Netherlands and United States Adoption of Legalized Abortion, n.d.
3/9 Jacobs, Judi Kay – A Comparative Study of the Netherlands and the United States Adoption of Legalized Abortion, 1971-73
3/10 Jaeger, Suzanne L. – Four Farm Organizations in West Germany, 1985
3/11 Jensen, Phyllis J. – Berlin: A Dying City?, 1969
3/12 Jensen, Steve – Life and Education in Kibbutz Kinneret, 1986
** Johnson, Alvin E. and Possin, Irvan A. – A Descriptive Study of the Red Meat Industry in Great Britain, Emphasizing Grading, Merchandizing, and Health Sanitation, 1970 (located under Possin, Irvan A. in box 4)
3/13 Johnson, Tammi Williams – Economic Trends and Their Implications for Business Relations and Marketing Between the United States and Germany, 1980
3/14 Josephson, Philip – Membership Relations in Danish Dairy Cooperatives, 1972
3/15 Kadidlo, Philip D. – Copenhagen: A Harbor for Jazz, 1985-86
3/16 Kaeder, Shelley – How is the Health Service?, 1973
3/17 Kasper, Jane E. – Commedia dell arte, 1991
3/18 Keating, Margaret – Germany 1949: The End of the War; The Beginning of a Struggle for Women, 1974
3/19 King, David – Radio Astronomy in the Netherlands, 1972
** Kingsbury, David E. and Fick, Charles A. – English in the Dutch Preparatory-Secondary Schools, 1968 (located under Fick, Charles A. in box 2)
3/20 Kinney, James – The Youth Training Program of Northern Ireland, 1988
3/21 Kitze, Michael – The Changing Role of the Funeral Director in London, England, 1970
3/22 Knutson, Thomas Joel and Armitage, Robert Dale – An Analysis of the Minnesota State Youth Corrections Program with Special Emphasis on the Training School for boys at Red Wing, 1965
3/23 Kositake, Cynthia L. – The Animal Rights Movement of England: A Campaign Against Exploitation, 1981
3/24 L’Allier, James Joseph – A Comparative Study of the United States Work Release Program and the Prison Hostel Scheme in England and Wales, 1968
3/25 Lefebvre, Greg – A Financial Analysis of Dairy Farming in England, 1981
3/26 Linder, Lollie – The Physical Education and Health Program in the Primary Schools of England, 1970
3/27 Loverude, Linda and Peck, Christine – Traveling Throughout Italy Studying the People, 1972
3/28 Lynard, Stephanie – Primary Education in Spain, 1990
3/29 MacGregor, Robert and Williams, Roger – Fertilization in the Netherlands (Volumes I, II, and III), 1965
4/1 Majerus, Stacey – Spanish Theatre: Moving and Growing, n.d.
4/2 Maslowski, Jeannie – Austrian Radio Broadcasting, 1975
4/3 Meischke, Hendrika – Family Planning Communication in Sweden, 1985
4/4 Merry, Shirley, English Education and Comprehensive Schools, 1967
4/5 Messerschmidt, Julie – Equine Breeding Farm Management in Italy, 1988
4/6 Montgomery, Darcy M. – Aerobic Dance in France, 1984
4/7 Nabkey, Chris – Grade Report Form, 1973
4/8 Nagel, R. Brent – Recruitment and Training in the Irish Police Force, 1987
4/9 Nastrom, Brian – The Marketing and Promotion of the Alpine Ski Industry of Austria, 1988
** Nehring, Bonnie and Henning, Verne – A Study of Marijuana in Great Britain, 1970 (located under Henning, Verne in box 3)
4/10 Nemcek, Susan – Stiftung Lebenshilfe Fur Geistig Behinderte, 1980
4/11 Nippoldt, Janice – English Infant Schools: A Nongraded Approach, 1970
4/12 Nottingham, Lee – SDS-APO, n.d.
4/13 Parlow, Gene – The Hanging British Hangings Presented at Edinburgh, Scotland, 1970
4/14 Pearson, Daniel C. – Sweden’s Educational Programs in Production Agriculture, n.d.
** Peck, Christine and Loverude, Linda – Traveling Throughout Italy Studying the People, 1972 (located under Loverude, Linda in box 3)
4/15 Peterson, Laurie – Comparison of the Norwegian Music Education and the American Music Education (and Norway in general), 1979
4/16 Peterson, Patricia D. – Speech Therapy in the Netherlands, 1989
4/17 Poppe, Jeanne E. – Death and Burial Systems in Norway, 1980
4/18 Possin, Irvan A. and Johnson, Alvin E. – A Descriptive Study of the Red Meat Industry in Great Britain, Emphasizing Grading, Merchandizing, and Health Sanitation, 1970
4/19 Rheil, Mary E. – England’s Homosexual Law: The Process of Change, 1969
4/20 Rodewald, Dean – Heinekin Brewing Company: Holland, Domestic Marketing Mix, 1986
4/21 Sattler, Paul – Rural Youth in Holland, 1977
4/22 Scaife, James F. – A Comparison Between the Land Tenure Systems of the United States and Norway, 1984
4/23 Schack, John F. – The Development of Social Tourism in France, 1982
4/24 Schaub, Donald V. – Great Britain and the European Economic Community, 1970
4/25 Scholler, Edward J. – A Study of Danish Pork Quality as Influenced by the Porcine Stress Syndrome and Development of Pale-Soft-Eudative Phenomenon, 1974
4/26 Schommer, Joan – European Management Styles, n.d.
** Schwartz, Kathy and Grove, Penny – Holland’s Communication Approaches for the Speech and Hearing Impaired School Age Population, 1978 (located under Grove, Penny in box 2)
4/27 Severson, Jenifer – The Saamis: Minority Group in Sweden, 1984
4/28 Skorude, Michael Jerome – Comparison Between Juvenile Delinquent Institutions, France versus Minnesota, 1965
4/29 Sopher, Bryce – A Review of the Proposed Nordic Protein Evaluation Scheme for Ruminants, 1984
4/30 Stower, Harvey – A Study of Swedish Public Debate, and of the Opinions of Contemporary Swedish Political Personalities Towards Selected Policies of the United States of American, Autumn 1965, 1966
4/31 Swenson, Tina – Mental Health in England, 1980
4/32 Swiecichowski, Amy L. – A Comparison and Contrast Between Danish and Wisconsin Agricultural Cooperatives, 1988
4/33 Tauchen, Gregory P. – Agricultural Financing in West Germany, 1988
4/34 Thoeny, Susan A. – First Forum Methods and Techniques Utilized in Teaching Dutch Children How to Read, 1969
5/1 Thompson, Carolyn – The Extent of Interaction of an American Military Community in Germany, 1968
5/2 Thompson, Christopher W. – An Analysis of the Attitudes of Trade Union Leaders in the United States and Great Britain Towards the Shortening Work Week and Leisure, 1968
5/3 Todd, Barbara Jean – The Comprehensive School System in the Culturally Deprived Areas of Liverpool, 1970
5/4 Trudell, D. – European Ceramics, 1963
5/5 Van Elsberg, Brenda – Reports on the French Riviera, 1986
5/6 Vernet, Alain Jean, A La Faculte Des Sciences Physiques, Chemiques, Nuaturelles, Wt Informatique De L Universite De Nice, 1974
6/1 Voorhees, Renee – Educational Drama, 1973
6/2 White, Lisa – Marketing of Heineken Beer, 1990
6/3 Whitehead, Starla – The New York City Dance School in Stuttgart, West Germany, 1989
** Williams, Roger and MacGregor, Robert – Fertilization in the Netherlands (Volumes I, II, and III), 1965 (located under MacGregor, Robert in box 3)
6/4 Winger, Randy – Accounting in Germany, 1989
6/5 Wolfe, Charles Arthur – Barrio Del Pilar: A Descriptive Study, 1968
6/6 Wood, Sue – An Investigation of Bobbin Lace in Le Puy France, 1980
6/7 Wrobel, Julie Ann – Holland, “A Vigorous Nation Builds for its Future,” The Zuiderzee Project, 1974
6/8 Zeman, Ann L. – Public Transport in Edinburgh and Glasgow, 1981

UWRF Series 162 Collection Inventory,
Additions, June 1999
Semester Abroad Projects, 1965-1991
Quantity: 0.2 c.f. (1 archives box)

Author Title, Year
Falkman, Peter Swedish Abortion Law: Swedish Women and Foreign Women, 1965
LeMay, Peter Netherlands Prefabrictaed Farm Building System, 1965
Olson, Lee Aerobic Manure Handling Systems in Holland, 1975
Schumacher, Elizabeth Conservatoire National Superieur de Musique de Paris, 1991
Wolske, Ronald Democratic Parties Development in Germany, 1966

UWRF Series 162 Collection Inventory, Additions, July 2001
Semester Abroad Projects, 1990-2001
Quantity: 0.4 c.f. (1 archives box)

Author Title Date
Edmundson, Holly Public Displays of Affection (PDA): A comparison of Barcelona, Spain and Minneapolis, Minnesota May 1, 2001
Eidem, Christine Selected Topics in German Education Fall 1994
Faulkner, Lise Taking a Closer Look at Two Countries Water Control Policies: Comparing Sweden and Poland, ca. mid-1990’s
Gausman, Deborah Conservation and Preservation Fall 2000
Helwig, Shawn Polska ca. mid-1990’s
Klar, Mariam Women in Islam March 20, 1995
Lotzer, Holly Ann French Sign Language and The Deaf Education in France Fall 2000
Ourada, Karin Observations and Enlightenment: A European Journey May 1, 2001
Pekarek, Heather The Mudejares and Moriscos of Andalucia During the 1200-1600 Centuries Fall 1994
Reinhart, Angie Stuttering Definitions and Intervention Strategies in England May 1, 2001
Rupnow, Kelly Veterinary Medicine in Denmark Fall 1990
Schumacher, Rebecca A Study of Irish Children’s Literature April 26, 1995
Wilson, Lauri Changing Policy: The Rise and Fall of Communism and its Effect on the Artistic Environment in the Czech Republic Fall 1994

UWRF Series 162 Collection Inventory, Additions, August 2002
Semester Abroad Projects, 1992-2001
Quantity: 0.4 c.f. (1 archives box)

Author Title Date
Antczak, Sarah The History of Landscape Gardening in Great
May 1, 2001
Dechant, Jill The History, Biology, and Status of the Spanish
Imperial Eagle Aquila Adalberti
March 1, 1992
Dziuk, Mark R. A Broad Look at Marketing Abroad May 1, 2001
Krause, Tanya The Potato Industry of Northern Ireland May 1, 2001
Nickel, Sandra A Pilgrimage in France Fall 1997
Scanlon, Erica German Photography: Past and Present Fall 2000
Schmitt, Larissa A. Conditions of the Black Forest Fall 2000
Timmerman, Alec An Exploration of Mathematics Standards Through
International Collaboration
March 29, 2001
Walberg, Kylene Enchanting Bohemians: Paris and London in the
May 1, 2001
Winker, Ben Scottish Hillwalking Fall 2000

UWRF Series 162 Collection Inventory, Additions, March 2003
Quarter/Semester Abroad Projects, 1963-1999
Quantity: 0.4 c.f. (1 archives box)

Author Title Date
Armitage, Robert D. and
Knutson, Thomas J.
A Comparative Analysis of Labor- Management Relations in Germany and the United States of America Fall 1963
Cobb, Karina Fashion Photography Fall 1989
Curry, Ryan Germany’s Green Party Fall 1998
Gritzmacher, Amy France: Experiences in Education Fall 1999
Lark, Larry J. and Peterson, Richard C. A Comparative Study of Spanish and American Juvenile Delinquency Feb. 1964
Lasche, Haley Les Mouvments International Fall 1998
Lee, Glenn A. Land Reclamation in Holland Jan. 1964
Lilyquist, Carla A. Primate Conservation in European Zoos
Fall 1998
Mankowski, David An Investigation of Hydrotherapy and Other Non-traditional Forms of Medicine Administered in Swiss Spas Fall 1997
Smith, Gerald C. A Comparison of American and German Physical Education in their Secondary Schools Fall 1963
Swett, Matthew The Pre-Roman Monuments of the Gaulois
Fall 1999
Waszkurak, Sharron Independent Study at the Royal Botanic
Garden Edinburgh and Visits to Various
European Gardens
Fall 1997

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