UWRF Series 15: Chancellor’s Office, American Association of State College and Universities (AASCU), 1966-1972

UWRF Series 15 Collection Inventory
Chancellor’s Office
American Association of State College and Universities (AASCU), 1966-1972
Arrangement: Chronological
Quantity: 2 boxes

Collection Summary: The American Association of State Colleges and Universities (AASCU) was founded in 1961. The organization is composed of state controlled or semi-state controlled member colleges and universities, and was organized to provide a special interest lobby for those institutions in regard to national affairs.

The AASCU has involved itself in a wide range of activities, as is reflected by the contents of this series. Membership lists, constitutions, news releases, proceedings of annual meetings, memoranda and lists of accomplishments are included among its contents. In addition, the AASCU has been involved in the establishment of a number of international study centers, and materials relating to these are found among the files. There is a minimum of materials directly related to the University of Wisconsin-River Falls included in this series.

Box/Folder Contents, Years
1/1 Constitution (1962) and Proposed Revised Constitution (1966)
1/2 AASCU, General Files, 1966-1968
1/3 AASCU, General Files, Jan-July 1969
1/4 AASCU, General Files, Aug-Dec, 1969
1/5 “Final Report, Project no. 8-0422: A study of the Historical Background, Current Status, and Future Plans of the Developing State Colleges and Universities,” Aug, 1969
1/6 AASCU, General Files, 1970
2/1 AASCU, General Files, 1971
2/2 AASCU, General Files, Jan-July, 1972
2/3 AASCU, General Files, Aug-Dec, 1972

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