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UWRF Series 142: Registrar's Office: UWRF Enrollment Records, 1921-1944

UWRF Series 142 Collection Inventory
Registrar’s Office
UWRF Enrollment Records, 1921-1944
Arrangement: Chronologically
Quantity: 1 box

Collection Summary: This record includes the names, home towns and courses of study for students attending the University during the regular school year, and names and home towns only for students attending summer school in River Falls. Some years have a breakdown of the number of students in each field of study offered at River Falls. The last folder includes cards for the years 1928-44 which give the size of the faculty, enrollment in different areas, sizes of classes, the number of graduates for the year, and the classifications of students.

See UWRF Series 22(Annual Reports of the Registrar to the President);UWRF Series 32(Office of Institutional Research);  UWRF Series 38 (Registrar: Subject Files)UWRF SS 63 (UWRF Fact Book); and  UWRF Series 119(Board of Regents: Financial Reports) for related records.

Box/Folder Contents, Years
1/1 Enrollment Records, 1921-23
1/2 Enrollment Records, 1923-25
1/3 Enrollment Records, 1925-27
1/4 Enrollment Records, 1927-29
1/5 Enrollment Records, 1929-31
1/6 Enrollment Records, 1931-33
1/7 Enrollment Records, 1933-35
1/8 Enrollment Records, 1935-37
1/9 Enrollment Records, 1937-39
1/10 Enrollment Records, 1939-41
1/11 Enrollment Records, 1941-43
1/12 Enrollment Records, 1943-44
1/13 Registrar’s Office Statistics, 1928-44

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