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UWRF Series 127: College of Arts and Sciences, Grassroots Political Conference File

UWRF Series 127 Collection Inventory

College of Arts and Sciences
Grassroots Political Conference File
Arrangement: Chronological
Quantity: 2 boxes

Collection Summary: The Grassroots Political Conference at the University of Wisconsin-River Falls began in 1958, sponsored by the Social Science and Political Science Departments.

This series contains correspondence, brochures, programs, and other materials relating to the conference.

Box/Folder Contents, Years
1/1 1st Conference: Grassroots Party Politics, 1958
1/2-3 2nd Conference: Political Parties in Wisconsin, 1959
1/4 3rd Conference: The Tax Debate in Wisconsin, 1960
1/5 4th Conference: Wisconsin Gov’t. in the 1960’s, 1961
1/6-7 5th Conference: The New Conservatism, 1962
1/8-9 6th Conference: Politics and the Farm Dilemma, 1963
1/10 7th Conference: Civil Rights in Wisconsin, 1964
1/11 8th Conference: Politics and the Press, 1965
2/1 9th Conference: Gov’t. and Welfare, 1966
2/2 10th Conference: Political Morality in Public Office, 1967
2/3 11th Conference: The Causes of Our Discontents, 1968
2/4 12th Conference: Gov’t and Money, 1969
2/5 13th Conference: Crisis of the Environment, 1970
2/6 14th Conference: Students and the Law, 1971
2/7 15th Conference: The National Convention-Instrument for Democracy? 1972
2/8 16th Conference: Students and the Law, 1973
2/9 17th Conference: Crisis of the Presidency, 1974
2/10 18th Conference: Economy and the Environment, 1975
2/11 19th and subsequent conferences, 1976-
2/12 Conference Financial Matters, 1970’s

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