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UWRF Series 183

Agrifallian Society Records (1959-1968)

Arrangement: Chronological

Quantity: 0.8 cf.

Scope: Meeting Minutes, Constitution, election records.

Description: The River Falls Agrifallian Society was the official name given to the club, which consists of Bachelors of Science non-teaching students in agriculture. The purpose of the society is to promote fellowship and to further acquaint students with professional and vocational opportunities in the field of agriculture.-Description from Society History


1          1                      Meeting Minutes 1959-1960

            2                      Meeting Minutes 1960-1961 

            3                      Meeting Minutes 1961-1962 

            4                      Meeting Minutes 1962-1963                                                                 

            5                      Meeting Minutes 1963-1964

            6                      Meeting Minutes 1964-1965

            7                      Meeting Minutes 1965-1966 

            8                      Meeting Minutes 1966-1967 

           9                   Meeting Minutes 1967-1968  

            10                    Photographs, 1920's, 1967-1969.

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