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UWRF Series 177: Swensen Sundial

UWRF Series 177

Swensen Sundial

Dates: 1993-1995

Quantity: 1 a.b. and 1 flat box

Description: In 1973, Dean Richard Swensen asked the UWRF Physics Department to design a large sundial to be constructed on the south most wall of the Fine Arts building. Professors Campbell and Shepard undertook the necessary calculations for the design of a Sundial that will be accurate to one minute of time. A local Artist submitted a design, which proved to be too costly, and the sundial was never completed. In 1993, Dean Prochnow proposed reviving the project to commemorate the service of Richard Swensen to the University. Since Dr. Campbell had already retired, the task of reviving the calculations and design fell to Dr. Shepard. In April 1993, he presented a tentative design, which was accepted, and Gene Olson of Elk River, Minnesota took the commission of constructing the sundial.





1/1 Planning and Building 1993-1995
1/2 Donations 1993-1995
1/3 Examples of Materials Used 1993-1995
1/4 Dr. Richard D. Swensen Retirement 1993-1995
2/1 Sundial Templates 1993-1995
2/2 Design Layout 1993-1995


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