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Campus School Orchestra 1950  circa 1950 Video of school children singing, no audio. Campus School; Children;   D1950.001
Christmas Program circa 1954 Christmast Program by school children depicting christmas around the world. Possibly the Campus School. Video only, no audio. Campus School; Children; 00:14:42 D1954.001
University of Wisconsin-River Falls Fulfilling the Wisconsin Idea circa 1993 Promotional Video, highlighting opprotunities and programs at the University of Wisconsin River Falls. Tesimonials by students, staff and faculty.  Campus Scenes;  00:18:40 D1993.001.001
North Hall Presentation 8/14/2014 North Hall program held at the River Falls Public Library. Led by History professor Kurt Leichtle and Don. Part of the North Halle Centennial Celebration. Former Campus school students reminice of their time on campus at the Training School.  Program; Events; History;  Part 1: 01:02:42, Part 2: 00:26:41 D2014.022
Campus Scenes 1959 1959 Film of the Wisconsin State College - River Falls, students walking out of a building and the 1959 Homeocmoing parade downtown River Falls.   Campus Views; Students; Homecoming; Parade;  00:04:02 D2016.029.001
River Falls Baseball circa 1950's Shots of a baseball game players, coaches and croud. Video only, no audio. Coach Don Page; Athletics 00:14:40 D2016.029.002
Dedication of Knowles Physical Education Center 10/8/1987 Dedication ceremony of the Robert P. Knowles Physical Education and Recreation Center at the University of Wisconsin River Falls. Speakers included Chancellor Gary Thibodeau, UW System President, Kenneth Shaw, Former Chancellor George Field, and Governor Warren Knowles  Speech; Building Dedication; Events 00:28:04 D2017.072.001
State Government in Western Wisconsin: Cabinet Meeting and Press Conference 7/29/1988 Pannel Discussion at the end of a tour of Western Wisconsin. Disscussions included, state taxes, agriculutre, drought, business and local development,  and other concers facing Western Wisconsin. Governor Tommy Thompson; Governors Cabinet; Western Wisconsin Week;  01:03:00 D2017.072.002
State Government in Western Wisconsin: Governor Thompson's Visit 7/24/1988 Wisconsin Govenor Tommy Thompson vists River Falls as part of Western Wisconsin Week. The first 20 minutes are of a picnic and Baseball Game between the City of River Falls and State Government Representatives . 00:21:27 "Kick-off Conference on Accomodating growth". Video includes opening remarks by Vice Chancellor Nancy Parlin, River Falls Mayor Jerry Wilkenson,  Conference; Wisconsin Government; Speakers; Western Wisconsin Week;  01:18:01 D2017.072.003
Dedicaiton of Walker D. Wyman Education Building 5/10/2000 Dedicaiton ceremony of the Walker Wyman Educaiton building. Opening remarks by Chancellor Thibodeau, remarks about the buidling offeriengs. Personal recollections of Dr. Wyman. Final remarks by Hellen Bryant Wyman. Chancellor Gary Thibodeau; UW System Presidnet Katharine C. Lyall; Dean of Educaiton Karen Viechnicki  00:24:58 D2017.072.006
The Public University in the 21 st. Century, Tinsley 4/28/2001 Part of Inagural Week events of UWRF Chancellor Ann Lydecker. Video includes a pannel discussion on the Public Univeristy in the  21ts century. With keynote speaker Adrian Tinsley, President of Bridgewater State College.  Public Forum; Pannel discussion; Future of Higher Education;  01:24:35 D2017.072.007
Inaguration and Installation Ceremony_Ann M. Lydecker 4/28/2001 Inaguration and Installation Ceremony of Chancellor Ann Lydecker.  Concert; Chior; Symphony Band; Speaches;  01:38:35 D2017.072.008
Pigeon Lake _Bonny and Esposito 5/8/1996 Short skits by elementary school children, interview with a  school Principal. Elementary students arriving at Pigeon Lake Field Station, learning to canoe, bog walk, skits.  Outdoor Education; Classes; Students; Elementary Studetns; 01:59:20 D2019.018.001
Pigeon Lake _Captain Ecology n.d. Rap, skits, music performed by Captian Ecology about the importance of caring for the environment.  Environmental Educaiton; Sustainability; Students;  01:01:08 D2019.018.002
Pigeon Lake Field Station Promo Video 1994 Promotional Video produced by UWRF Television Services, higlighting educaitonal opprotunities. Alternative Class; Education;  00:02:01 D2019.018.003
Paul Pule on “Men, Masculinities, and the Earth” 9/25/2019 "Why is it that compared to men, women litter less, recycle more, and leave a smaller carbon footprint? Do men shun eco-friendly behavior, fearing what it might convey about their masculinity? New research confirms that men do care about the environment--but they also tend to want to feel macho, and they worry that eco-friendly behaviors might brand them as less...manly. Ecological masculinities offer an Earth-inspired response to the limits of our times. This new way of thinking about men and masculine socialization cultivates greater care for the global and local commons. " Gender; Sustainability; Speaker;  01:01:09 D2019.057


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