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Pierce County Photographs

Villages, towns, schools, churches, street scenes, buildings, mills, people—these and many more photographs and images can be found in our collections. Some are in color, but most are black-and-white or sepia-toned.  

We have a growing collection of Pierce County postcards, some commercially produced but many "real photo" postcards—photographs printed on postcard stock instead of photographic paper. Eventually we will have our photograph catalog available online, but until then send us an e-mail to see if we have images you may be interested in.   

Express written permission is required to reproduce any image held by the University Archives and Area Research Center. The user is liable for any violation of copyright or donor agreement. The researcher assumes full responsibility for conforming with laws of libel, privacy, and copyright which may be involved in his/her use of photographs, manuscripts and all other records. The user is liable for any violation of copyright or donor agreement.

River Falls ftuesday club 1940
River Falls Tuesday Club, 1940
River Falls Baseball team 1916
prescott baseball players, 1916
River Falls Operator 1904
River Falls, Telephone Company Employees, 1904
River Falls Main street
River Falls  Main street, ca. 1880
River Falls depot 1880
River Falls depot, ca. 1880
prescott main street
Prescott, ca. 1900
River Falls, Junction Mill, undated.
Frank rosenburg
River Falls citizens Frank Rosenburg and wife, undated.
Ellsworth Starch factory 1912
Ellsworth starch factory, 1912.
Ellsworth Court house
Ellsworth courthouse, undated.
River Falls turkeyshoot
River Falls citizens on a turkey shoot, undated.
Carisch garage
River Falls, Carisch Garage, ca. 1928
River Falls truck
River Falls Truck Transfer Co., undated
River Falls Sewing 1931
River Falls, Sweing Factory, 1931
River Falls Oligney Trucks
River Falls Oligney Trucks, Undated
RF lunds 1890
River Falls, Lunds Sote, 1890
River falls academy
River Falls Academy, 1879
parker 1902
WD Parker(left), former president of RFSNS, in River Falls with group known as "The Senate," 1902.
River Falls, Junction Mill. Stereoscope, undated.
Fortune Brothers
L to R: Wellington Vannatta, Judge Charlie Smith, Dane Saunders, Mr. Davis, and George Fortune, undated
Ellsworth School
Ellsworth Common School, undated.
Ellsworth Baseball
Ellsworth baseball player, undated
River falls telephone company
River Falls, Telephone Operator, Ca. 1904
River Falls Postal Employees
River Falls Postal Employees, undated
River Falls Millnery
River Falls, Main street, ca. 1900
River Falls fire station
River Falls Fire station, 1939
prescott band
prescott band, undated
mill stack
River Falls, Junction Mill Smokestack, undated.
River Falls, Greenwood Mill, undated.
Farmers, Pierce County, Undated
Ellsworth rail road ca. 1880
Ellsworth Depot, ca. 1880's
River Falls Wheat Field
River Falls wheat field, undated.
prescott depot
Prescott depot, undated

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