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Cary Sifferath '88

Any kind of foreign language study and internship experience is beneficial when you walk into your first job interview.
- Cary Sifferath, 1988, Agriculture Business

What is something that surprised you about UW-River Falls?

The university was smaller than I realized, but due to its size, I was able to get more hands-on experience and develop close relationships with my professors. That, I feel, is what sets UW-River Falls apart from larger universities in the area. I also enjoyed living in the City of River Falls due to its smaller size. The education I received at UW-River Falls and playing football for coach Farley, have greatly contributed to my success.

What kind of things have you done as a regional director?

As regional director, I witnessed the first-ever U.S.corn shipments into Vietnam, introduced dried distiller's grains with solubles (DDGS) into Japan and China, reduced import duties on corn co-products which opened the door for trade into Algeria and Morocco and expanded corn co-product exports as the U.S. ethanol industry grew. While I enjoy looking back at past programs that were successful, it's equally important to look forward to what we can accomplish today.

Involvement while at UW-River Falls:

I played football all four years under Coach Farley and was a member of the Theta Chi fraternity.

UWRF Alumnus Cary Sifferath

U.S. Grains Counsel Regional Director for the Middle East and Africa 


Farmington, MN

Favorite City:

Tokyo, Japan

Favorite Magazine:

The Economist

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