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Pathways Program

UWRF Pathways Program

The UWRF Pathways Program is designed to support first-year students for whom English is not their first language. The Pathways Program assists students as they adjust to university academic expectations, while taking into consideration their English language proficiencies. In this two-semester program, students take three general education courses and two Academic Support courses each semester. The credits earned in the Academic Support courses count toward students' cumulative GPAs but not toward their degrees.

Sample fall semester schedule

Elective Courses
(Count toward any major)

Academic Support Courses

Intro to Mass Communication,
3 credits

Research Writing,
3 credits

General Psychology,
3 credits

Advanced Reading 1,
3 credits

Academic Language and University Culture,
2 credits


Pathways students will have the opportunity to exit the Pathways Program after the first semester based on their grades from all of their courses, teacher recommendations, and their results on the English proficiency test.

Sample spring semester schedule

Elective Courses
(Count towards any major)

Academic Support Courses

Academic Reading and Writing,
3 credits

Grammar for Academic Purposes,
3 credits

Fundamentals of Oral Communication, 3 credits

Advanced Oral Communications,
3 credits

One general education elective - suggested:

Math, 3 credits


Students should indicate in the applicant statement that they are interested in the Pathways Program.

Learn more about the Pathways Program admission criteria.

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