Academic Staff Promotion/Title Change for Instructional and Non-Instructional Staff (AP-06-103)

UW-River Falls Administrative Policy
Policy ID: AP-06-103
Effective: October 21, 2011
Revision: June 1, 2013
Review: 3 years

Academic Staff Promotion/Title Change for
Instructional and Non-Instructional Staff
Maintained by: Human Resources
Approved by: Chancellor
Next Review Date: June 1, 2016

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This policy establishes salary increase guidelines for non-instructional academic staff (instructional and non-instructional) members who seek a promotion/title change as stated in Chapter 6.15 of the University of Wisconsin-River Falls Faculty and Academic Staff Handbook.


The UW-River Falls Chancellor issues this policy in accordance with the Administrative Policy process.
The ACBF is responsible for the administration of this policy. Request an exception to this policy by writing to

Sanctions and Appeals Process

Failure to adhere to the provisions of this policy may result in appropriate disciplinary action as provided under existing procedures applicable to students, faculty, and staff, and/or civil or criminal prosecution.


Promotion and Salary Level:
  1. A pay increase may accompany a promotion/title change when movement is upward, i.e. Associate level to No Prefix level.
  2. The academic staff will receive an increase to the minimum of the new salary range or 5%*, whichever is greater, not to exceed the maximum of the new salary range.
  3. Under no circumstances will a promotion result in a decrease in base salary.
  4. A salary adjustment will be in addition to the annual pay plan increase when applicable. (Note: The promotion/title change increase is based on the current salary of the Academic Staff member, not the new salary after the pay plan increase.)
Title Change Only – Job Classification:
  1. If a title change results in the applicant being in the same pay range as the previous title, there will be no salary increase. Example: An academic staff member’s job has changed in scope and responsibility since initial implementation and needs to be retitled, but the new title falls in the same salary range as the previous title.
  2. If a title change results in the applicant being in a pay range above his/her present pay range, refer to #2 above.

* The 5% depends on the financial solvency of the University.

University Responsibilities

The Office of the Assistant Chancellor of Business and Finance will maintain this policy on the Administrative Policy website, the Chancellor’s office will maintain an active link to the policy in 6.15.1 of the Faculty and Academic Staff Handbook, and the Department of Human Resources will share this policy with employees inquiring about or applying for a non-instructional academic staff promotion or title change.

Department/Unit Responsibilities

Human Resources

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