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Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages Degree

Program Overview

Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) emphasizes teaching aspects of English in countries where English is not widely used in daily life.

Highlights of the TESOL Major

  • Students take courses in language acquisition, theory and practice of teaching English as a second or foreign language, pedagogical grammar, linguistics and cultural studies.

  • Taiwan Teach Abroad Internship Program (TTAP) - three weeks in July, free flight, room and board free, paid $750 stipend and earn 3 credits.

  • Post-graduation, students can choose from 10 different villages/universities in South Korea to teach/work full-time - flights free, great health care, paid vacation, earn $50-70K over 1-2 years and on-site housing.

Skills and Learning Outcomes

As a student in this program, you will learn to:

  • Demonstrate proficiency in a foreign language.
  • Understand the structure of the English language.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of language variation.
  • Gain knowledge of first and second language development.
  • Design, implement and assess tools for teaching.

Career Opportunities

Recent graduates of TESOL are in high demand both in the United States and abroad. About 50% of graduates pursue a career internationally.

Potential Job Titles

  • ESL Teacher
  • English Language Program Coordinator
  • ESL Instructor
  • Research Director


  • K-12 School Districts
  • Institutes
  • Nonprofit Agencies
  • Universities


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