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Our Program

Imagine being the source of a news story instead of just the reader of one. Journalism majors at the University of Wisconsin-River Falls have unique opportunities at their fingertips, giving them professional experience and hands-on projects distinctive to the UWRF campus.

Journalism majors go beyond the typical training of writing, reading, and reporting skills, and ultimately learn to become well-rounded in multiple areas of communication, such as web, video, newspaper, radio, and television. As the industry changes from paper to electronic, our students are developing with the changes. Students learn in a cross-platform environment, dismissing being an expert only in one area, but instead moving to being well-adjusted in all areas. Our students go outside the classroom and learn in the real world.

The journalism department prides itself on its unique characteristics and its availability to its students. Students within this department learn how to function within the journalism world while focusing on various styles now vital in reporting.

For more information on Journalism, please contact:

Dr. Sandy Ellis- Chair
310 North Hall

Field Experience

Skills needed to be successful in journalism are not always found within the classroom. Students gain experience by getting involved on campus media outlets. The Student Voice is the school newspaper, covering stories about UWRF since 1916. Students get experience not only in newspaper format, but in web format as well.

WRFW, 88.7, prides itself for being the “Loudest Organization on Campus.” Students work in the campus radio station, deejaying their own shows and being a news outlet for the UWRF campus.

A new development, rising from the new technology and demand, is the TV webcast produced by journalism students. showcases work by Journalism students and faculty at UWRF.

These student organizations are operated and staffed by current UWRF students, enhancing their hands-on experience and developing them for the journalism profession. Students do everything from write, DJ, to direct. Students gain leadership positions within their fields of study.

Responsible Reporting

UWRF journalism majors achieve more than learning how to report, write, and broadcast during their time on campus. Ethics is incorporated in all classes and experiences, leading students to think beyond their responsibilities as just a reporter, but their civic responsibilities as well. The internal passion of the journalism department is passed down from faculty to student, as stated by Sandy Ellis, “This is not just a job, but rather a calling, a responsibility.”

Throughout their studies, UWRF journalism students learn the importance of truth, integrity, and journalistic accountability.

Global. Innovative. Excellent.

The journalism department recognizes the importance of global awareness and cultural sensitivity and fosters this within their journalism students. Unique international field experiences are available, including exploring the beautiful Yunnan Province in southwestern China, first visiting Kunming, the Flower City, then traveling north into the Himalayas to work on service projects in minority villages on the Tibetan Plateau!

Students are also encouraged to show their talents in national contests and competitions, including the Robert Novak Collegiate Journalism award, and the UWRF photography contest and exhibition. Experiences like these only add to the overall experience a journalism student will receive at UW-River Falls.

The journalism department is the beginning grounds for many distinguished alums, including Boyd Huppert (UWRF class of 1984, journalism major), a reporter for KARE-11 TV in Minneapolis. He has received numerous national awards (including an Emmy in 2007 for “Portrait of Compassion”) as well as many regional Emmys and other awards.

Huppert is an occasional guest lecturer at UWRF, sharing his insights and experience with journalism students. One of his Emmys is displayed in the journalism department, donated by Huppert himself as a ‘thank-you’ for inspiring the piece that won him the Emmy.