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Our Program

Prepare yourself for the work force by gaining experiences that will help you in all fields. Students interested in writing, reading, research, and creativity and developing these marketable skills needed for a changing job outlook should consider English as a major. Students will gain abilities in writing, editing, revising, researching, and learn how to critique one another. No other major on campus offers this particular combination in such intensity. 

English graduates have gone on to work at various positions across the country. Many of our students entered the corporate world of copy writing and web design. Others are working with publishing houses as editors, while some are using their experiences to become journalists or go to law school. Our English program prepares students for any job that requires excellent writing and thinking skills and the need for strong communication skills. 

At UW-River Falls, students have the opportunity to participate in experiences that contribute to their overall success while at the university. Students have participated in the UWRF Summer Scholar Program doing undergraduate research and in NCUR, the National Conference for Undergraduate Research. 

Students focus on professional development through course work, acquiring skills in classes such as technical and professional writing, opinion writing, and proposal writing, while taking more traditional English classes as well.

For more information on English, please contact:

Dr. Marshall Toman - Chair
245 Kleinpell Fine Arts


Location is key to students pursuing this degree. Because of our proximity to Minneapolis/St. Paul, the English department has had students intern at places like The Loft Literary Center, The Science Museum, and Graywolf Press. Creative writing and Literature emphases are so intimately connected that all English students have an incredible background as readers and as writers. 

English majors at UWRF are given ample opportunities for working within a professional business setting or working hands-on in a classroom setting. Students can connect with their peers through organizations such as the Literary Society and Prologue-a student literary magazine. Students gain unique experiences while on campus, enhancing professional experiences.

Education Emphasis

English majors who pursue an emphasis in education have the opportunity to work not only within the River Falls area, but also to take advantage of partnerships UWRF has within the Twin Cities and other local areas. Learn about these opportunities from the Secondary Education planning sheet.

Global. Innovative. Excellent.

English majors at the University of Wisconsin-River Falls find a sense of community:

  • as tutors for the Writing Center and ESL (English as a Second Language) Center,
  • as editors of the student literary magazine,
  • as participants in the monthly literary readings,
  • as contributors at the English department annual undergraduate conference,
  • as members of English department student organizations,
  • and in a variety of other ways.

The English department faculty recognize the importance of instilling global awareness in their students and promote travel abroad programs through scholarships and personal advising. During both fall and spring semesters this past year, English students participated in the Wisconsin in Scotland (WIS) program. English faculty member, Dr. David Furniss, taught three courses in the WIS program this past spring. Dr. Furniss states, “This has been a wonderful opportunity to truly immerse myself in this area. Although it’s quite clear to the locals I’m not a native, I no longer feel like a tourist here!” 

Students are able to use their talents in and out of the classroom, giving them opportunities unique to their education at UW-River Falls. This tight-knit community atmosphere allows students not only to learn from their professors, but to gain an excellent education.