Business Administration - Management

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Management is a wide field of study and practice. As such a variety of professional opportunities abound for management graduates. People with management expertise are in demand in nearly every type of organization from business firms to non-profit and public agencies. At UW-River Falls, students can specialize in general management, international business, human resources management or operations management. They can find employment in organizations from small local companies to large multinational corporations. The management program will help students develop skills in conflict management, motivation of self and others, teamwork and decision-making.

There is a wide variety of specializations within management. Graduates may find employment within the fields of international business, human resources management, operations management, operations, research, retail management or wholesale management.AACSB

Students within the marketing option take the courses comprising the business administration major such as accounting, economics, statistics, organizational management, finance, operations and strategic management. Beyond this they take courses in human resources management, ethical leadership and international business. Students may also choose elective courses such as small business management, decision making, operations research, business process management, managing workplace diversity or an internship in management.

Business Administration introduces students to all aspects of business. A variety of professional opportunities abound for business administration graduates. Business expertise is in demand in every type of organization, from small local companies to large multinational corporations to not-for-profits. Moreover, there are opportunities in all parts of the world if one is seeking international business experience.


The department offers a wide variety of management internships and encourages students to engage in at least one. Management students can use study abroad opportunities to perform undergraduate research on management topics.

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The College of Business and Economics (CBE) is accredited by AACSB International, the Association for the Advancement of Collegiate Schools of Business.  Teamwork is integrated into the curriculum. Upper level classes are small and often include team projects.  Students are exposed to global issues and encouraged to participate in international travel opportunities available to them through the university and CBE.  Business courses are often offered in the Wisconsin in Scotland and Experience China semester abroad programs.  

Faculty advise students in the selection of appropriate courses, career considerations, finding an internship, learning about overseas study programs, and conducting independent research projects.  People with business knowledge and experience are the mainstays of organizations.  They help assure that clients get the products and services they seek and that the organization makes enough profit to stay in existence.  One of the exciting aspects of a business career is constant change in the marketplace.  A major in Business Administration-Management will help prepare you for this exciting world.