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A coordinated care team comprised of various campus members that include: Student Conduct; Disability Resource Center; Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging; Residence Life; Student Health and Counseling; and the Student Success Center. 


The Falcon Care Team seeks to create a community of caring by linking students experiencing various difficulties or challenges with the appropriate resources that will allow them the opportunity to overcome barriers on their path of success, both personal and educational. 


Falcon Care Referrals

Any member of the university community can submit a Care Referral regarding a student.  The individual who submitted the referral will be deemed the “referrer” throughout the process. 


Care referrals help identify students who may have had circumstances or issues negatively affecting their success at UWRF. Circumstances or issues that may include but not limited to the following:

  • Financial difficulty
  • Personal relationship issues
  • Death of family, close friends, or loved one
  • Concerns about academic performance/preparedness
  • Concerns about the student’s mental and physical well-being



Sample Referral #1
Sample Referral #2

For questions or more information, please contact Ian T. Stroud, Director of Student Success. 

Call 715-425-4123 or email at

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