Using Accommodations

Using Accommodations

Every student is expected to make outward requests each time he or she wants an accommodation. This is because an accommodation can take considerable time to arrange and require the use of limited resources. Professors and the staff of Ability Services aren’t able to accurately predict how the student will want to use an accommodation. Written directions for requesting the common types of accommodations are given to the student after the Educational Support Plan is signed.

For most accommodations a student should start the request with the professor. This is because the professor may choose to arrange the accommodations without involving the Ability Services office. It can produce a faster accommodation and without a need to involve other parties.

In other cases, professors may have difficulty arranging accommodations on their own and decide to involve Ability Services. In these situations students are expected to fill out an Accommodation Request Form and submit it to Ability Services. Having students fill out these forms work well because:

  • Students are able to more accurately let the staff know what they need
  • The forms help to ensure the office receives all the information it requires to arrange an accommodation
  • The forms allow busy students to submit requests without needing to spend considerable time in the office


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