Ability Services

Reporting Problems

Reporting an accommodation problem:

You should quickly report any any concern or problem with a accommodation. Otherwise it's quite likely no one else will notice it. The recommended way to seek this kind of attention is with a Concern Report Form. Then please be persistent about contacting Ability Services if the problem isn't rapidly resolved.

There are two reason that no one may notice a problem. First, using an accommodation tends to be a relatively private thing. It could be listening to an audio textbook with headphones in a residential hall. Or studying copies of lecture notes in the library. Or taking a test somewhere outside the classroom. Secondly, the staff of Ability Services and professors serve hundreds of student. They simply don't have time to make sure every accommodation is working well. And if they suspect something might be a problem but the student isn't expressing concern, it can suggest the student doesn't really care.

The staff of Ability Services will diligently consider and attempt to resolve a concern that's reported to the office. However, for the same reasons they can't tell a problem exists, they can't always tell if their efforts to resolve a problem are successful. If you report a problem and it isn't quickly resolved, please be persistent and report it again.