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Disability Parking

Ability Services is able to arrange a temporary disability-parking permit for students. The temporary permit is actually issued by the UWRF Parking Office. However, students must first provide Ability Services a doctor's confirmation that a significant health issue creates a substantial need. Such a permit is only valid at disability parking spots on-campus, expires after 30 days and cannot be renewed. There is no fee for the temporary UWRF permit.

Nearly every state in the U.S.A. has a relatively convenient form that you can use to seek a confirmation of need from your doctor. Use the form that's available from the same state where your vehicle is licensed. Typically you can find it at the website of the state's Department of Transportation (DOT). Ask your doctor to complete the form. Then submit it to Ability Services. The following websites are where a number of those forms can be founds:





South Dakota:

North Dakota:

It's possible to get a disability parking permit lasting more than 30 days and also effective for off-campus parking. Yet it will have to come from the DOT in the state where your vehicle is licensed. Use the same form identified above, but send it to the DOT.

Some students get both permits. They obtain the temporary permit from UWRF because to start having disability parking on campus it can be arranged pretty quickly. And they also get the potentially longer lasting and more widely applicable permit from their state's DOT. Though a temporary permit from UWRF is free, a permit from the DOT may require a small fee.

For more information on disability parking at UW-River Falls - Please Visit The Parking Office.

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