Making Plans

Informing Professors

Before a student can receive the common kinds of accommodation for specific courses the professors who teach the courses must usually perform some kind of supporting task to get it started. Thus, the professors need to know that Ability Services believes the student may need to have the accommodation. So that professors can know, the office creates an individualized Accommodation Notification Memo. It lists the kinds of accommodation that can be appropriate for the student. Then the office gives the student enough copies of the memo so that the student can give one to all of his or her professors. This method works well because:

  • The student has control over which professors are informed.
  • It encourages a working relationship between the student and professors.
  • It can help professors have confidence in the student.

Usually professors don't need to know the exact reason a student should be able to have accommodation. So the memo doesn't identify a specific type of medical, physical, sensory, or brain related issue.

If a student wants professors to know the type of issue, the office can help the student find some other way to let them know.


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