Making Plans

Educational Support Plan (ESP)

Once students submit adequate documentation about a strong reason to have academic accommodations an Educational Support Plan (ESP) is developed. It's an individualized plan that lists the different kinds of accommodations which seem appropriate. Thus, all the common kinds of accommodations aren't necessarily available to everyone. The ESP also explains some important protocols the students should should follow so the accommodations can occur in an effective way. 

Typically the accommodations only become available after such an ESP is made and:

1. The students have met with a staff at the Ability Services office.

To receive verbal and written directions regarding what the students are expected to do before each time they actually plan to use the accommodations. This allows busy staff and professors probably to effectively know when they should start to arrange the accommodations. 

At that meeting students will also receive multiple copies of an Accommodation Notification Memo that specifies the kinds of accommodations they should be able to use.

  2. The students have given a copy of the Accommodation Notification Memo to their professors.

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