Faculty and Staff Information

Faculty and Staff Information

Welcome Faculty!

Information in this section of the website is intended to serve two objectives. It should provide an understanding regarding  how and why this office functions as it does. It can also provide useful information about teaching college students who have medical, physical, sensory, and brain related issues.

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You are expected to understand the information that's in your section of this website. Please bring any questions, comments, or concerns about your job responsibilities to Deb Morgan.

Faculty Resources and Tools
Common Accommodations

Test Taking Accommodation:
•    Extended time is usually 50% more time to take a test. Greater percentages of additional time, Frequent Breaks during tests may also be possible if justified by documentation.
•    Questions read out loud- Almost always the person who’s reading the questions is not the professor who wrote the test, so in that situation the wording of questions cannot be changed.
•    Writing Assistance allows students to answer questions out loud while someone else does the writing.
•    Alternative test taking locations can reduce distractions that might occur in the classroom.


Copies of Lecture Notes:
Professors may choose to provide copies of their own lecture notes to the student, or ask the student to obtain any copies of notes through Ability Services.  Lecture notes that the student receives from Ability Services are obtained anonymously from a classmate in the course. 


Text Accommodations:
Text accommodations could be audio textbooks, electronic textbooks, or written transcripts of audio media such as the soundtracks of a videos. Typically the office must develop these accommodations itself (versus being able to purchase them commercially). The U.S. Copyright Law usually makes it illegal to develop the accommodations unless a student's documentation thoroughly indicates the need, and the student has signed certain agreements to honor a publisher's copyright. Because of these things it can take the office considerable time to deliver text accommodations.

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