Ability Services

E-Test Request

We are experiencing technical problems with the new electronic test request form.

For this reason we ask that you continue to resume use of the paper form. You can print a copy of the form with this link:

Accommodated Test Scheduling Form

We are sorry about this inconvenience and hope to correct the technical problems in the near future.

Let us know what mailing address we should use if you want us to send you some copies of the paper form by calling 715-425-0740.

Directions for use of the paper form:

  1. The following protocols should be completed FIVE business days before the test is scheduled to occur.
  2. If you want a test accommodation print-off and fill-out the top half of the paper form.
  3. Take the completed form to the professor and outwardly ask the professor to allow the test accommodation.
  4. If the profess wants to give you the test with the accommodation herself (himself) make effective plans with the professor.
  5. If the professor tells you to take the test at the Testing Center ask the professor to sign the bottom of the form. Then quickly bring the form to Ability Services: room 129 Hagestad Hall, 715-425-0740.