Internship Opportunities

Internships are also a great way to gain experience in your future career path, network with industry professionals, and build your resume! Visit the CAFES Internship Office web page for current internship openings. Read about the experience of other Ag Engineering Technology students.


250 Dustin Internship FullSizeRenderDustin Oesau

Hometown: Gilmanton, WI
Agricultural Engineering Technology major

Contracted Test Technician (CTT) Intern
John Deere

As a seasoned sophomore at the University of Wisconsin-River Falls, I have been fortunate to have already had two internships. I believe that coming from a strong farm background before that may have helped me in getting those opportunities early in my college career. I started in the farm industry in 8th grade when I worked for my two uncles who own a custom chopping business. Over the years, I have gained a good work ethic as well as the ability to work independently. Once I graduated from high school, the decision was clear that college was the next experience for me to take on and once I got here, UWRF opened the door to more experiences in the form of internships. All my internships so far have been with Adecco Engineering and Technical where I was most recently a Contracted Test Technician for John Deere.

In this latest internship, I dealt with the durability testing of the new John Deere 8000 series self-propelled forage harvesters. This involved operating the machine about half of the time, while also performing maintenance, adding design updates and doing repair work for the other half. It was a unique commitment for me since it required working away from home in Tulare, CA, for a two and a half month period. I do not regret this decision at all. I learned so much on how other custom operations work in other parts of the country. The way they farm in that part of California is very different from what we see back in Wisconsin. "Hot, dry and dusty" is how I can best describe the first half of my internship! The second half was more like the stereotypical sunny and 75 degree.

By taking a chance and going out of my normal comfort zone, I had a great experience with my internship. None of it would have been possible without going to UWRF and being encouraged to apply for internships by CAFES. I strongly encourage all current students and even incoming freshman to feel confident in themselves to take a chance at an internship like this.

Alex D.

AlexDonnay_AgEnggrad_250Alex Donnay

Hometown: Glencoe, MN
Agricultural Engineering Technology major

Ag Field Service Intern (west region)
New Holland

I started searching for an internship to gain some real world experience. I have always been a fan of CNH so I applied on their website. Awhile went by and I hadn't heard anything, but one of my friends had recently accepted a job with CNH and recommended me. So, I got a call and the position they had open was in Phoenix Arizona. I was very skeptical of moving 1800 miles away. My professors and peers encouraged me and told me it would be a great experience. Boy were they right! CNH also made transition to Phoenix easier by finding and subsidizing my housing.

My 6 month internship took me all over the country, mainly the west coast. I spent almost all of June through December on the road. I visited New Holland dealers and customers to help solve product issues as well as to maintain New Holland's dealer network and reputation. For a guy that had never flown or left the 5 state area of the Midwest, this was the best part of my experience.

On top of my dealership visits I had special intern projects that all 6 service interns worked on together. These included a month-long training event in Texas, another month with the harvest support team, and farm shows. In Texas we were responsible for maintaining the demonstration equipment and filling in where necessary. I actually ended up filling in for a full time trainer and trained dealer salesman on windrowers. On the harvest support team we followed the wheat harvest from Texas to North Dakota. We had service trucks and a semi full of parts to assist the harvesters and keep their machines harvesting. At the farm shows we helped run demos and also worked the lot and answered product questions.

This internship forced me out of my comfort zone and gave me a lot of practical knowledge that I will use throughout my career. All of the classes I took at UWRF helped me throughout my experience and allowed me to put all the knowledge I have gained to use.

I would absolutely recommend internships to each and every student at UWRF. With my internship experience, I secured a full-time position even before I graduated this May 2014 as a Technical Service Representative for CLAAS in Omaha, Nebraska.


JakobVoight_intern_PLC screenJakob D. Voight

Hometown: Minot, ND
Agricultural Engineering Technology major

Agricultural Systems Operations Manager (ASOM) Intern
Archer Daniels Midland Company (ADM)

After completing my first internship in 2012, I was advised by my professors to take another internship for credit through UWRF. They recommended I find a company that would challenge my skills learned in the classroom and also to gain experience in a new field. This new field they were referring to was managing people rather than being a laborer. I came across an internship opportunity with ADM after talking to a fellow fraternity brother who had an internship the summer before and suggested that I talk to them at the UWRF Career Fair.

My internship was very different from most of the interns at the company summer trip. UWRF had 5 students working as interns for ADM in the summer of 2013. The biggest difference between my facility and the majority was that it was a brand new and not operational facility when I arrived. The skills that I used the most over the internship were management responsibilities and communication.

During the course of the summer I worked on two special projects. As a student of UWRF I designed and worked on a special project throughout the summer and as an ADM intern I was being trained to run the grain elevator for a day. I had the opportunity to run the elevator in early July when my acting supervisor went on vacation. I was told that I passed the test of running the elevator. The special project that I worked on as a student at UWRF was to complete a Safety Inspection. This was an eventful two month project. The first meeting with the safety inspector was to go from top to bottom of the facility to find errors in construction from ADM code to errors in code from the OSHA handbook. My job was to take notes on all infractions and then type them up for the inspector as they took pictures. Once this was completed a formal presentation was given to the construction company. As this was discussed with several people it was made my job to go around with the contractors and point out the infractions and then take pictures of the correction and create a PowerPoint for the Safety Inspector.

I would recommend that all students at UWRF take an internship in a field that they have interest in. You have the opportunity to get into the field, learn all about it, and try it out for three months. This can have a great impact on how a student looks at classes that might mean more to them in the future.

Alex Y.

Yost_internship_webAlex J. Yost

Hometown: Omro, WI
Agricultural Engineering Technology major (Environmental Emphasis)

Irrigation Design Intern
North Central Irrigation, Inc.

During my second semester at UWRF I looked for an internship that would test my skills, but would still be an enjoyable learning experience. After searching the internships advertised in my department, I settled on creating an internship at North Central Irrigation Inc. NCI is the only Valley Irrigation dealer in the state of Wisconsin with locations in Plainfield and Beloit, and is a Valley performance plus dealer.

My internship taught me a basic knowledge of center pivot irrigation that I would have never been able to achieve without it. Born and raised in east central Wisconsin, I had never worked with irrigation of crops, let alone serviced an irrigator. I began my internship as a nervous and scared student with minimal professional experience. My internship showed me the ins and outs of being a professional in the agricultural field, and gave me the self-confidence that I would not have found anywhere else.

My special project for the summer was to assist with the completion of a center pivot irrigation project. The plans for an eight tower irrigator were created and from there on out I was on site for the entirety of the project. Duties on site included building the irrigator, wiring and alignment, finishing the project with a flush of the system, and turning the irrigator over to the farmer. Throughout the rest of the summer I was primarily based as an electrical service technician shadowing a professional service technician in the field, where we serviced all makes and models of irrigators, high capacity wells, and all service electronics involved. This included frequency drive wells, standard wells, GPS positioning, and Variable Rate Irrigation.

As a post intern, I would recommend all students in CAFES to try at least one internship while at UWRF. An internship gives the student a behind-the-scenes look into the professional world that a regular employee would not be able to see. The professional learning experience and knowledge that can be acquired in an internship is endless.


DannyHolicky_intern2013_1Danny Holicky

Hometown: Montgomery, MN
Agricultural Engineering Technology major

Pea Harvest Assistant Crew Lead Intern
Hartung Brothers, Inc.

I found this internship by attending the UWRF Career Fair in the fall. I have always been interested in the harvest of raw vegetables, as I have been harvesting peas for the past two years, before I found this internship. In talking to the human resource manager for Hartung Brothers I realized this would be a great opportunity for me in my career path.

My internship started in May and ended in August. During my internship I was involved in the planting and harvesting of peas. I first started out helping plant peas in Door County, WI, for about a week. Then it was back to Arena, WI, to prepare for harvest. In Arena, I was given the task of helping finish the rebuild of pea harvester heads. Then I was put in charge of inspecting and preparing the two service trailers for the month and a half of pea harvest. The last task I was given before harvest was to put pea heads on the pea harvesters once they arrived from Clear Lake, WI. Once the pea harvest started I was put in charge of my own crew for the entire harvest. During the pea harvest I had the opportunity to work with a great group of people. Harvest started in Spring Green, WI, then traveled to Coloma, WI, and ended in Door County, WI. My favorite part of the internship was talking with the migrant workers and living throughout the state of Wisconsin. My experience with HBI was an exciting experience that I will never forget. I would highly recommend an internship with HBI.

If you are a student who is not sure about taking an internship, I highly suggest it. Look for an internship that peaks your interest and apply for it. An internship is a good way to tell if that is the career path you want to take or not. It might even open the door to the company in the near future. It has opened my eyes for my career path and I'm sure it will open yours as well.

Ben B.

2013BenBorgardt_internship_web200Ben Borgardt

Hometown: Pickett, WI
Agricultural Engineering Technology major

Midwest Field Service Intern
New Holland Agriculture

I grew up on a farm in Pickett, WI and have a mechanical background making repairs to machinery. The beginning of my junior year I began searching for internships and applied online to Case New Holland (CNH) to one of their general internships. I wasn't sure what was included in the internship at first, but about a month later the CNH college recruiter contacted me and asked about my experience and if I wanted to travel. I was then offered the position of Midwest Field Service Intern. Ironically my supervisor in Racine also graduated from the department so that was nice to relate too.

I began in May and was based out of Ames, IA. I then began traveling the country and after a few weeks they lined me up with a company vehicle that I used for the rest of my internship. I attended a lot of farm shows and corporate dealer training events where I managed field demonstrations and taught on the new release of our New Holland Rollbelt 560 Round Baler.

My special project included the management of seven New Holland 340 Large Square Balers for cellulosic ethanol in Iowa from September through November. This was a great experience as I learned how a knotter system and a large square baler worked as well as troubleshooting and making repairs.

I recommend an internship to everyone because they take you out of your comfort zone and introduce you to new obstacles. I put 26,000 miles on my company truck in the six months that I had it. The pay was great and all my expenses were paid when I was on the road. Even though wasn't sure I would enjoy the travel, I truly enjoyed my internship and really had a great time traveling to new places and learning how agriculture differs across the country. I also met a lot of people that I still communicate with on a regular basis and will help find a job down the road.

Ben Jirik

Ben Jirik internship picture 220Ben Jirik

RPG Spray Intern
Hartung Brothers Inc.

Hometown: Montgomery MN

Ag Engineering Technology major

I grew up on a small organic farm in southern Minnesota. On this farm we raise corn, soybeans, beef cattle, and a variety of small-scale vegetables.

When I decided to seek an internship, I was in luck when I found out that Hartung Brothers was interviewing for positions at UWRF. After the interview I was offered the Spray intern position. I accepted the position and over J-term I attended the UW Madison crop scouting school. At this week-long school I learned a lot about invasive pests and plants.

Spring semester passed and it was time to begin my internship. I arrived in Arena, WI on in mid-May. We began the day with orientation, which was then followed by a CPR training class. After this was completed I went to the corporate office in Madison to get my company cell phone, credit card, and laptop. We then ended the day touring the farm in Arena. At the end of the day I was given a work truck.

The next day I met up with my work partner. Over the next 3 months we worked together spraying over 6000 acres of snap beans. We began the season working near Coloma, WI. While there, we became familiar with operating the sprayer and spent the first couple weeks there until the plants in northern Illinois were ready to be sprayed. In Illinois we sprayed many different types of pesticides, the majority of them being insecticides. We sprayed each field 3 times with insecticide before it was time for them to be harvested. We did this from Illinois to Arena, WI.

I was glad to have gotten the chance to work for Hartung Brothers. In the three months that I worked for them I learned more than I could have imagined. I was able to experience new modern equipment with the latest technology. This experience broadened my agricultural knowledge and technical skills. Because of this experience, I am a more desirable job candidate. I would recommend this internship for anyone, even if they have minimal agricultural background. Hartung Brothers provides these internships for students to learn, no matter what your background, and I learned a lot.

Ben Johnson

Ben Johnson internship pictureBen Johnson

Hometown: Hudson, WI
Agricultural Engineering Technology major

Precision Agriculture Solutions Intern

Oxbo International Corporation

I transferred to the University of Wisconsin-River Falls for my junior year and I didn't have much of a background in agriculture. My only direct experience with it was when I went on the wheat run the summer before. So, I knew that it was imperative to find an internship for the coming summer to further my experience and passion with agriculture. Through a couple connections I got in contact with Oxbo International and was invited for an interview and tour. A couple weeks later I got an email offering me an internship to assist the Precision Agriculture Project Manager.

It was a great opportunity because it was an area I didn't know much about and I was going to be able to be involved with many different projects and processes within the company. It was honestly the best experience I could have asked for. The people were great and the opportunities were endless. I was able to be out of the office for a majority of the time and I was very hands-on with a multitude of both small and large projects.

My work also consisted of quite a lot of traveling. I got to see parts of the country I hadn't had the opportunity to enjoy. I made a few trips out to Indiana, one to Illinois, and multiple trips throughout Minnesota and Wisconsin. Some of the major projects I worked on involved a detasseler prototype, installs of yield trackers in seed corn pickers, along with AutoSteer in pea combines. I spent most of my internship with the pea combines doing some installation, training, product support, along with collecting feedback and doing research on payback at the end of the season.

This internship was the best thing I could've done last summer. I gained a lot of practical knowledge of what it was like to be working in the real world as a member of a company like Oxbo. I highly recommend that everyone completes an internship at least once during college, if not multiple times. You not only learn a lot but you also gain great connections and possible job offers if you do well enough!


Mitch Breuer Intern Summer 2014Mitch Breuer

Hometown: Goodhue, MN
Agricultural Engineering Technology major

Crop and Soil Scout Intern
WinField Solutions - Ag Partners

During my first year at UWRF, I was well aware of the importance of getting an internship in order to receive hands-on experience and to add real-world experience to my resume. After talking to a few peers, I found a company offering an internship right in my hometown which was great since I wanted to stay close to home. So I then began as a Crop and Soil Scout Intern at WinField Solutions® for the summer.

As an intern, I was in charge of taking weekly tissue samples of crops, extracting soil samples from fields, scouting for hay bugs, and scouting for soybean aphids. Doing all these tasks kept me quite busy but at the same time provided a challenging and beneficial work experience. I was responsible for talking with local farmers about the weekly tests I was conducting on their field and that provided me with ample professional customer interaction experience throughout my internship. Skills like that are important for a real career in the future.

The special project concluding my internship involved all the data I gathered during the summer. Upon harvesting, I put all the data from the corn tissue samples into a PowerPoint presentation graph, showing the field stats of farmers throughout the growing season. The information will be presented at the Advanced Yield Systems (AYS) meeting in the winter, which I will be attending.

I fully recommend an internship to all students at UWRF. This internship helped to enhance many of my skills in business through the hands-on and real-world situations I experienced. Some things cannot be taught from reading a book or listening in class, and an internship is an excellent way to provide that extra learning.