Agricultural Technology Contest Policies


  • Meal ticket fees - a refund will be issued if tickets are canceled prior to 10 AM on Monday, March 23rd
  • Team fees - a refund will be issued if a team is canceled prior to the start of an event

Team Size and Number

  • Teams will consist of up to 4 individuals for high school events with the exception of Ag Communications which can have only 3. Teams in the middle school event can have up to five members.
  • Qualifying teams must consist of at least three or four FFA members who are eligible to compete in that contest area at state
  • State FFA event teams must consist of paid FFA members
  • A student can only compete in one team event. Students can complete in one Ag Technology Contest team event and also participate in Ag Education, Crop Show and/or Power Tool Drag Race competitions.
  • Each school can only enter one team in an event with the following exceptions:
    • 2 teams per school are allowed in Agronomy and Farm Business Management
    • 5 teams per school are allowed in Middle School Agriscience event

Contestant Behavior

  • NO cell phones, MP3 players, or other electronic devices are allowed during the duration of an event. This means from the start until the student is dismissed from the event. If a student has a cell phone or other device in their hand during any event, they can be disqualified. Cell phones and other devices must be turned off and remain in a pocket during the entire event.
  • Students are expected to treat all University volunteers, facilities, and other contestants with respect. This includes not talking during events. Contest chairs may disqualify individuals and teams who do not follow these expectations.

Special Needs Accommodations

Teachers registering CDE participants who are eligible for special needs accommodations must contact Tim Buttles to request the accommodation. The earlier requests are made, the better the chances are of being able to provide the specific accommodation.


  • Scores from the top 2 individuals will be used to calculate the team score for Ag Technology Contest
  • Scores from the top 3 individuals will be used to calculate the team score for Wisconsin FFA Qualifying purposes
  • All individual scores will be used in calculating the team score for Wisconsin FFA Teams in events qualifying for national competition (Ag Communications & Food Science)
  • Award of Excellence scores will be based on the top 10 Ag Technology Contest event teams from a school. Team scores will be converted to a 100 point per team basis. The Agricultural Education even, Crop Show and Power Tool Drag Race are not used in calculating the Award of Excellence.

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