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Admission to Professional Standing in Agricultural Education


Professional Standing in Agricultural Education includes Tier II admission to the UWRF Educator Preparation Program and is required to register for TED 440 - Techniques in Agriculture, TED 422 - Secondary School & Content Area Reading and Student/Intern Teaching. You must complete the application process the semester before you need to register for the first of these classes. Fall applications are generally due October 1 for spring registration. Spring applications are generally due February 15 for fall registration.

Application Process

The application process includes submitting a set of electronic documents and completing a review meeting with the Agricultural Education Department Chair. A list of the items you need to submit is located in the Application Materials section below.

Careful planning is needed to complete all of the required elements by the submission deadline.

Admission Requirements

Academic Progress

  • Path 1 requires a combined grade point average of at least 2.75. For undergraduate students the combined GPA is found in the Admission to Student Teaching GPA Calculations section of the DAR, between the General Education and Professional Education sections as shown below
  • Path 2 requires those with a Combined GPA below 2.75 to submit an Academic Progress Portfolio . Please contact Dr. Graham for details

Shows where the combined GPA can be found on a student's degree audit report


  • Path 1 requires grades of C or better in the course used to meet the General Education Communication - Advanced (CA) requirement (typically English 200) and either the course used to meet the General Education Communication - Speaking and Listening (CS) requirement (typically COMS 101 or a modern language course) or AGED 202
  • Path 2 requires a Communication Portfolio. Contact Dr. Graham for details

Foundations Course and Clinical Experience

  • Path 1 requires a grade of C or better in AGED 120, AGED 275 and TED 212 / TED 250
  • Path 2 requires a grade of C or better in AGED 120 and an associate degree
  • Path 3 requires admission to the Ag Education Post Bac or MS Licensure programs

Faculty Recommendations

  • Two UWRF faculty from outside of the Agricultural Education Department must return recommendation forms supporting admission

Background Check

Students who are admitted to Professional Standing must also meet the Required Criminal Background Check aspect of the Criminal Background Disclosure – Due Diligence Policy. Staff from the CEPS Dean's Office will contact students who need to complete an initial or follow-up Criminal Backgorund Check. The fees include $42 for a first time check and $32 for a follow-up recheck.

Application Materials

Part I


Faculty Recommendation Forms

Open a copy of the Faculty Recommendation Form, add your information and distribute to two faculty members you wish to use as references. Any UWRF faculty outside of the Agricultural Education Department can serve as a reference. The person serving as the reference should send these directly to Dr. Graham.

Part II


The following items should be sent to Dr. Graham as attachments to a single email message.

Admissions Questionnaire

Open a copy of the Admissions Questionnaire, answer the questions, sign and save the file

Application Form

Open a copy of the Application, complete the student information section, sign and save the file

Occupational Experience

Review the Occupational Experience Policy. Open a copy of the Occupational Experience record, fill in the experiences you have completed and save the document. This step is required to document your progress and you do not need to have completed all 2,000 hours to be admitted to Professional Standing.The 2,000 hours must be completed before the start of student teaching.


Prepare a resume using the format suggested for a teaching position and save as a PDF file. You are highly encouraged to take advantage of the resources provided by UWRF Career Services including the Resume Writing Principles for Education Majors career handout, resume tips, resume review via e-mail and presentation on writing resumes.

Review Meeting

  • The review meeting can be scheduled once the following materials have been submitted to Dr. Graham:
    • Faculty recommendations
    • Admissions Questionnaire
    • Application
    • Occupational Experience record
    • Resume
    • Academic Achievement Portfolio (if required)
    • Communication Portfolio (If required)
  • Please contact Wendy Riester to set up the meeting.


  • Contact Dr. Graham with your questions about the admission process
  • PDF files needed to be opened with Acrobat to access all features
  • Save copies all of your information for use when applying to student teach

Other Tools

GPA Calculator: The UWRF Registrar's Office provides a GPA Calculator page to help predict a semester GPA or determine the grades needed to reach a specific GPA.

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