Admit into Professional Standing in Agricultural Education


Professional Standing in Agricultural Education is required to register for ESM 300/500 - Environmental Education, TED 440 - Techniques of Middle/Secondary Education - Agriculture, TED 422 - Content Area Literacy in Middle and Secondary Schools, and Student Teaching. You must complete the application process the semester before you need to register for the first of these classes. Fall applications are due October 1 for spring registration. Spring applications are due February 15 for fall registration.

Application Process

The application process includes a packet of materials and an interview with the Agricultural Education Department Chair. A completed application packet will include the following items:

The first three items must be completed well in advance. Please plan accordingly!

Praxis Testing

Praxis™ I Test (PPST®)

All students planning to enroll in an initial professional education program in Wisconsin colleges or universities that leads to a license to teach in the state will be required to pass basic skills tests in reading, writing, and mathematics. The tests are usually taken during the first or second year of undergraduate work.

Effective September 1, 2013, a composite ACT score of 23 or higher potentially allows a student to bypass taking the Praxis I exams.  To use the ACT, all of the following need to be met:

  • ACT exam is less than five years old from time of Admit to Professional Standing in Agricultural Education
  • Composite Score of 23  or higher
  • Sub scale scores of 20 in English, Reading, and Math

Please contact Dr. Graham with further questions regarding the ACT option.

The tests are the Pre-Professional Skills Tests (PPST®) developed and administered by Educational Testing Service. The tests cover basic skills needed by teachers and were selected by the state Superintendent of Public Instruction based on the recommendation of a committee of Wisconsin teachers and teacher educators. The successful completion of either the PPST will fulfill the Wisconsin requirement.

Satisfactory score on the Pre-Professional Skills Test (PPST) or the Computer Based Pre-Professional Skills Test (C-PPST) must be received (the official score sheet) prior to the admission deadline.

PPST Passing Scores









You can obtain registration information in the Ag Ed Department Office (AGS 131), the CEPS Dean's Office (WEB 203) or from the Wisconsin section of the PRAXIS web site (All UWRF students must meet Wisconsin requirements even if they plan to teach in other states).

Note: Please allow 6 weeks from the time you take the test(s) for the Designated Institution Score Report to arrive in the Agricultural Education Department.

The Praxis I will no longer be offered after August 2014. It will be replaced by the CORE Academic Skills for Educators. Please plan to have passed all three sections of the Praxis I before this time OR wait and take the new CORE test in September 2014.

Praxis™ II Test

The tests will cover knowledge needed by beginning teachers and were selected by the state Superintendent of Public Instruction based on the recommendations of a committee of Wisconsin educators.

Licensing Area

Test Name

Test Code

Passing Score

Agricultural Education

Agricultural Education: Content Knowledge



Testing List and Fees

For more information on the computer-based test (PRAXIS I only)

More Praxis information for students planning on teaching in:
Other States

Registering for a Praxis Test

Criminal Background Check


Criminal Background Check

Starting with the fall 2013 semester, a national criminal background check must be completed as part of the admission process. Please follow the directions found on the Student Instructions page to request and pay for this background check.

Faculty Recommendation Form


Faculty Recommendation Form

Please print and fill out two copies of the faculty reccomendation and distribute to two faculty members you wish to use as a reference. This is a PDF form which you can type your name in before you print, but cannot save as a file.

*Faculty members from the Agricultural Education Department cannot be used for this recommendation.

Faculty Recommendation Form

Admissions Questionnaire

Please print and sign the following questionnaire. This is a PDF form which you can type your information in the boxes before you print, but you cannot save this. Bring this completed form to your interview for Admission to Professional Standing in Agricultural Education.



 If you are ready to fill out the application for Admission to Professional Standing in Agricultural Education, click on the following link. Be sure to fill in all data fields that apply. If data field does not apply to you simply leave it blank. Please print two copies of this form. Turn in all forms to the Ag Ed Department and schedule a time for your interview (324 AGS).

Application Form

Degree Audit Report/Unofficial Transcript


Degree Audit Report/Unofficial Transcript

Undergraduate Students

Please print out a current Degree Audit Report (DAR) from eSIS. DAR Instructions.

Graduate Students

Please print out a current Unofficial Transcript from eSIS.


  • Once your 2 faculty recommendations have been received and your criminal background check and PRAXIS I scores have been verified by the Ag Ed Department, you may schedule a time for your interview.
  • Please contact Fay Westberg to set up the interview.
  • Bring the remaining documents (Questionnaire, Plan Sheet, Application) with you to your interview.


  • Any file ending in .pdf should automatically open with Adobe Acrobat Reader. It can be download free here.
  • Make sure you save all of your information! This will save you many future headaches.

Other Tools

GPA Calculator: The UWRF Registrar's Office provides a GPA Calculator page to help predict a semester GPA or determine the grades needed to reach a specific GPA.

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